Our Quick Start Guide helps you start your holiday

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is here. Well, almost here. You still have the rest of today to get through. But there’s one way we can help new Onehub users speed things up. Our handy dandy Onehub Quick Start Guide can get you up and running with Onehub in no time (so you can squeeze more time into the weekend).

In it you can learn how to:

  • Set up a Onehub Workspace
  • Create and organize folders
  • Upload content
  • Invite users to collaborate

And at the risk of sounding like an infomercial — so much more!

If the thought of reading actual words is just too much for you to bear, you’re in luck! We also have our video tutorial series that will walk you through getting started with Onehub step by step.

We at Onehub just want to empower you to work more efficiently, so you have more time to enjoy three day weekends.