Video: University of Washington Athletics scores with Onehub


The design team at the University of Washington Athletics department in Seattle, Washington oversees artwork, video and other media for 23 different sports teams. It’s a big, deadline driven job that requires complex collaboration across departments and the ability to easily and quickly share big files with coaches and players wherever they might be.

That’s why the UW Athletics department chose Onehub for all of its media file storage and sharing needs. After learning about us from another Onehub sports customer, the Seattle Seahawks, UW Athletics implemented Onehub and saw immediate benefits and improved workflows.

The UW Athletics design team was kind enough to sit down on camera to talk about the ways  and benefits of using Onehub, including:

    • Onehub’s clean design and ease of use
    • Customization features to create a unified, branded portal
    • The mobile app, which allows sharing on-the-go
    • Permission controls networks of freelance photographers
    • Streamlined approvals process
    • Fast turnaround for immediate sharing on social channels

Check out this short video to see  more ways UW Athletics uses Onehub! You can also start a free trial today to experience firsthand the better way for your business to store and share files online, or contact our sales team to find out more about how Onehub can help improve collaboration at your company.