Summer School: How interns can learn Onehub (without you)

While summer isn’t officially here yet, the sun is shining and colleges across the country are commencing with commencements. Hordes of fresh graduates are entering the workforce, many of them starting with that time honored tradition of being an intern.

While interns are bright-eyed and eager to work (for free!), let’s be honest — it can be a drag on your productivity to take time out to train them. For those of you with interns on the horizon, fear not! We can help you get them (and any new employees) up to speed quickly on your Onehub file sharing with our video tutorial series.

With these walkthrough videos, anyone can pick up the basics of using Onehub and continue all the way up through our more advanced features. In one afternoon of video watching, Onehub newbies will learn:

How to Create a Workspace

How to Upload and Manage Files

Basic Sharing and Permissions

Understanding Paid and Free Users

Managing Email Notifications

Sending Secure Links

Customizing Your Workspace

Using Google Suggesting Mode

Using Tasks and Comments

Using Activity Tracking

Activating Automatic Watermarking

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Creating Workspace Agreements

Video tutorials are a fantastic way for your interns to do a little self-directed learning and save you some time. Time you can spend thinking about what it was like when you first interned those many, many years ago.