Video: How to customize your Onehub Workspace

Way back in the day, Burger King ran a commercial with a song about having a Whopper “your way.” I wanted to do a shot-for-shot remake of that 1974 commercial with my Onehub colleagues, replacing “Whopper” with “Workspace.” The lyrics went something like:

Pick your logo,
color hexes
Make your Workspace
look its bestest…

You get where it’s going. But, alas, I couldn’t get any of my co-workers to put on the vintage outfits. So I’m reduced to just telling you that your Workspaces are your Workspaces. As such, Onehub lets you customize their look and feel to match your brand.

Customizing your Workspace is very easy, and to help you, we created this handy dandy short video to walk you through it.

In addition to matching your brand standards, changing up the look of your Workspaces can actually help your workflow. By assigning different logos and colors, you can give yourself an immediate visual cue as to what project you are working on.

This is the latest in our video tutorial series, which you can find on our YouTube channel. Grab a burger and watch them all!

Video: Send secure links to share your files with anyone

There will be times when you want to share the files you store in Onehub with people who do not have a Onehub account. The easiest way to do this is by creating secure links.

This video (the latest in our Onehub tutorial series), will show you how to set up and send secure links, as well as enable additional security measures such as password protection and expiration dates.

From first draft to last, 3 tools help your writing

Having written thousands of blog posts over the course of my career, I can confirm that the old adage “writing is re-writing” is 100% most definitely real. Whether it’s a colleague suggesting a different take, or me wanting to tighten something up, what I start out writing is rarely there when I finish.

But change is good! That’s why Onehub offers a powerful set of tools including in-line suggestions via Google Docs, version control, and file recovery that unleash a creative and collaborative process. Continue reading

Video: Manage email notifications

We at Onehub want to provide a service that adapts to your working style. Whether you’re a big picture kind of person who only wants top-level updates, or you revel in all the minute details of your account — we’re here to help, especially when it comes to getting only the emails that you want.

We’ve written before about how you can use Onehub email notifications to better manage your inbox. Since this is such a useful tool for new and power users alike, we thought we’d create a step-by-step video tutorial to help you out.

In this short video, you’ll learn the different types of email notifications available and how to adjust the notifications you receive. By the end of the clip, you’ll be able to better manage your Onehub email activity in a way that best suits your work style.

It’s the latest in our video tutorial series, which illustrate how to get the most out of your Onehub account, and it’s just one more way we attend to all the little details, so you can focus on the big picture.