Eight years, one mission: build a business


My company, Onehub, recently celebrated its eight year anniversary. It’s crazy to think about how different the startup world was just eight years ago. In 2007, the iPhone had just launched, unicorns were still rare, and file sharing was just crossing over into the mainstream.

Over the course of those eight years, the enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) space has spawned and attracted the attention of giants:

  • Dropbox took more than $1 billion in funding
  • Box went public
  • Both Microsoft and Google are making aggressive moves into the space

Faced with daunting competition like that, it would be easy to throw our hands up and throw in the towel. But we don’t, because we are too busy building a lasting business. Read More…

Look into the future (and your data safety) with Role Viewer

super_gogglesOn Halloween, there will be lots of costumed heroes running around town. Given that, we thought it would be a good time to tell you about the super power all Onehub users have — the ability to see into the future with our special Role Viewer.

Onehub enables granular permission settings when sharing documents to give you more flexibility. With our role-based permissions, you can narrowly define how a user interacts with your content by assigning them roles such as “Collaborator,” “Downloader,” or “Viewer.” This gives you greater control over your data sharing.

To ensure that the people you share with can only access what you want them to, we created the Role Viewer. This gives you a preview of what the recipient will see at that permission level.

Here’s how it works. Read More…

Video: How to set up and use Activity Tracking in Onehub

Activity Tracking in Onehub helps boost productivity and improve data security by giving you a record of who accessed your data, when it was accessed, and what was done with it.

Activity Tracking comes as part of your Onehub account, and this video will show you how to set it up and use it. It’s part of our Onehub Tutorial video series that helps you get the most out of your subscription.

If you have any questions about Activity Tracking or any of Onehub’s features, feel free to contact us.

Onehub is Hiring: Product Engineer and iOS Engineer

oh-logo-bannerOnehub is looking to add to our engineering group!

We have two positions open in our Seattle office for candidates who want to code and be part of a close-knit, nimble team helping more than 1 million users collaborate more effectively and become unbelievably productive.

We believe a healthy work/life balance empowers every employee to create better products. We operate sane office hours, take appropriate coffee breaks, stock the place with a bevy of healthy snacks, and provide gym memberships so you can work out during the day.

If either of these positions resonate with you, contact us to schedule a coffee meeting and get this party started. Please include links to any products you have worked on and/or open source projects you have contributed to along with your resume. jobs@onehub.com. Read More…

Fences, PINS, video and more protect your Onehub data

fence-server-roomKeeping your data secure is our top priority at Onehub. One of the ways we keep your data safe is by using Amazon Web Services.

When you think about data security, the first thing that comes to mind is probably some kind of “cyber” hack attack through a network. But you also have to consider physical security at datacenters. At the recent AWS Re:Invent show, Amazon detailed some of the real world measures it puts in place to safeguard data. As Fortune reports: Read More…

Use Chrome for drag-and-drop folder uploads

oh-drag-and-dropOnehub plays well with lots of browsers, so you can access your information whenever you need it, but there’s one browser that might make your Onehub experience a little easier.

Google’s Chrome has built-in features that allow you to drag and drop entire folders directly into a Onehub Workspace via the browser. Why is this cool?

  1. It makes uploading entire folders (and sub-folders) of content super easy with a simple drag-and-drop
  2. It allows you to more easily maintain your existing workflow by keeping the hierarchy of that folder’s sub-folders and files intact.

Read More…

Chris Turner rides in to help Onehub customers

DSC_0292At Onehub, we hope to minimize the amount of customer support you’ll actually need, and for when it’s necessary, we want it to be the best experience for you. Our support team is staffed by real, live people (not robots), who are happy to help.

The newest addition to our team is Chris Turner, Onehub Customer Support Engineer. He’s been with us for a month now, learning the ropes from Amy and the rest of the Onehub team. Now that he’s fully ingrained, we thought we’d give him a proper introduction.


I help customers when they have questions about the service, or need some help with their account. Read More…

When setting up a NAT gateway with Amazon VPCs, size matters


Amazon’s cloud computing services have made launching an app or a startup easier than it has ever been. Sometimes getting set up may be a little too easy and you can overlook a simple step that can save your business time, frustration and money.

Paying attention to the size of your NAT gateway is really important when creating your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) computing environment, and it’s important to monitor as your business scales.

The NAT gateway is what allows your VPC to communicate with Amazon services, the Internet, and more importantly — your customers. It will impact the speed with which your end users will be able to complete the tasks they want to perform through your service. The selection of the NAT gateway instance size is a simple drop-down menu. But it’s a drop-down menu you should pay attention to! Read More…