Celebrating 10 years of “Cloud City”

hbd-s3Amazon Web Services (AWS), the retail giant’s cloud computing division, recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its first product — Simple Storage Solution (S3). AWS’ on-demand approach to infrastructure kickstarted a generation of startups — including Onehub.

Onehub is able to deliver secure, scalable, speedy file sharing because of our AWS integration. So for that, we will raise a glass to Amazon on its tenth birthday. Read More…

Diana Swenson is excited to teach you about Onehub

Pasted image at 2016_03_08 06_42 AMTons of people sign up for a free Onehub trial every day. That’s awesome, but as we add so many potential customers, we want to make sure each of them has a great experience with our secure file sharing solution.

That’s why we hired Diana Swenson as Onehub’s new Sales Development Representative, or SDR for short. Since many of you will be speaking with her directly, we thought we’d introduce her and her role here properly with this quick chat.

What does an SDR do?
As an SDR, I get to assist new trial customers with our file sharing platform. I set up screenshare demos to make sure they understand what they can do with Onehub. I also assist with customer service related calls as needed and mostly just make sure people have a great experience using Onehub! Read More…

New controls give you greater account security

Delivering secure business file sharing is our top priority, and today we are happy to roll out Session Timeouts and Revoke Access features that give you greater control over who can access the files you store on Onehub.

Session Timeouts is available immediately to all Onehub Business Plan subscribers and Revoke Access is available on all Onehub accounts. Here’s how they work:

Session Timeouts
Session Timeout is an account level setting that allows account administrators to specify the length of time that a user can remain signed in to Onehub. For instance, you can set your account Session Timeout to 7 days so that, every 7 days, your users will automatically be signed out of Onehub. Alternatively, you could set your account Session Timeout to 15 minutes so that users will automatically be signed out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Account Security Read More…

Event Notifications in Rails 5 with ActionCable!


Here at Onehub, we have an activity log for actions users perform. That way you can see when Workspaces, files and folders are created, moved, deleted, or downloaded. You can also see when comments and messages are made as well as many other events.

Currently, we maintain a separate project that handles streaming these events to your activity log. This project is a piece of legacy software (read: hard to maintain and confusing to trace). With the release of Rails 5.0.0beta2, we took a dive into one of Rails 5 most exciting new features, ActionCable.

ActionCable greatly simplifies the complexity of getting websockets up and running to stream real-time event notifications to the activity log. We can now have our activity log logic live right alongside our application logic.

Based on a video tutorial by DHH for a chat app, I put together a short tutorial on how to get an event system up and running in the new Rails 5 app. This tutorial assumes you have created a new Rails 5.0.0beta2 (installing Rails 5 here) project and have a redis server up and running (installing redis).

Lets make some events!

First we’re going to make our event model. An event will have a message, and we’ll use it’s created_at field for the timestamp

Read More…

Pick favorites for faster workflow

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.27.10 PM

You’ll forgive the stretched metaphor here, but since Valentine’s Day is a time to recognize your special someone, now is a good time to remind you that our favorites feature lets you recognize your most special Workspaces.

Ugh. I know, I know, go ahead and “boo” me, but writers are always on the look for a hook and the Valentine’s/favorites connection seemed as good as any — especially since Onehub’s favorites feature can help you work smarter and faster. Read More…

How to create an accounting client portal


I dropped off all my tax materials with my accountant earlier this week. I love my accountant, but her electronic collaboration tools could use some upgrading. Sure, I can email and upload documents to her, but I wish she had a more unified solution, like a client portal.

As we’ve talked about before, client portals are a way for service firms (like accountants) to electronically share documents with all their clients from a central location. The ability to easily and affordably create client portals is one of our most popular features. If you are an accountant looking to make the crunch of tax time a little easier on your firm, here’s how you can create your own client portal in Onehub today. Read More…

Meet Onehub software engineer Phillip Wilt

10646975_398740330275075_2464794423638780231_nAs Seattle grows and more tech companies build engineering centers up here, the competition for hiring tech talent is heating up. Thankfully, we were able to nab our new software engineer, Phillip Wilt, before anyone else could get to him.

Phil has been with us for a couple of weeks, and now that he’s settled in, we thought it would be a great time to introduce him through a quick Q&A:

What do you do for Onehub?
As a full-stack developer, I pretty much have a hand in everything from databases to CSS to helping Ryan out with DevOps. Read More…

Going to market? Reduce signup steps to improve conversions

It’s almost the end of January, so the gym, which has been packed with New Year’s resolutioners since the start of the month, is returning to normal levels. A big reason people drop off so quickly is that they put up too many barriers to getting the results they want. The gym is too far away. They don’t block off time. They don’t learn proper form.

Each of these factors on their own can be fixed, but combine them all together and it becomes too much to bother with for most people. So they quit. This same path to frustration happens with SaaS businesses as they go to market. For whatever reason, many SaaS businesses continue to throw up their own barriers, forcing potential conversions to quit before they even get started.

Don’t let your business be one of them. Here’s what we did at Onehub to remove friction from our signup process to improve our sales conversions by more than 100%. Read More…