Happy Holidays from Onehub!


We understand. The holidays are busy and you are slammed (closing those deals before the year ends!). So rather than writing a lengthy productivity blog post or doing SEO gymnastics to get some of that Star Wars traffic, we just wanted to pass along a quick note to send you warm wishes this time of year. From all of us at Onehub — happy holidays!

Onehub is hiring! Sales Rep. and Rails Engineer

oh-logo-bannerOnehub has big things lined up for 2016, so we are looking to expand our team! We are currently seeking a Sales Development Rep. and a Rails Product Engineer. Both positions are full-time and based in Seattle. Job descriptions are listed below.

Onehub believes a healthy work/life balance empowers every employee to create better products. We operate sane office hours, take appropriate coffee breaks, stock the place with a bevy of healthy snacks, and provide gym memberships so you can work out during the day.

If you are interested in either of these positions, email us at jobs@onehub.com. Read More…

Onehub Data Rooms help Ray White get deals done faster

Ray White LogoRay White Business Sales in Sydney, Australia sells companies for anywhere between $1 and $30 million dollars (AUS). At any given time the firm has a dozen deals in play, each requiring the storage and sharing of confidential corporate information. Ray White Business Sales in Sydney chooses Onehub Data Rooms to help speed up their deal flow.

You can read our new case study for all the details, but here are some highlights. Ray White Business Sales in Sydney prefers Onehub Data Rooms over the competition because our solution provides:

If you’re new to Onehub Data Rooms, check out this video that walks you through all of their benefits. If you’re interested in setting up your own Data Room, contact us directly.

12 pro tips to close those deals before year’s end


Technically, the twelve days of Christmas don’t start until the 25th of December. But since this is the last month of the year, and the last chance to close those deals before you close up shop for a long awaited holiday, we thought we’d give you the gift of 12 Onehub pro tips right now (and beat the rush).  

These tricks and tools will help you work smarter and faster, so you can finish everything you need to get done before everyone checks out of work and into a ski lodge. Read More…

Being thankful is cool

We had a healthy debate at our Monday meeting over the merits of Cool Whip as a pumpkin pie topping. Obviously fresh whipped cream is the best, but the whole discussion was fun and made me grateful for working with a fantastic group of people.

It also got me thinking about a piece in The New York Times that came out over the weekend about actively practicing gratitude. In it, Arthur C. Brooks points out that one path towards a happier life is actively expressing gratitude for the mundane, everyday things we take for granted: Read More…

How to set automatic file expiration dates

Like old prom photos that your mom still displays around your family home — there are some things you want erased. The same holds true for documents that you want to keep tight control over.

That’s why Onehub lets you set up automatic file deletion after a designated period of time. In Workspaces, you can create a rule that files are automatically deleted after 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Once the allotted time period has elapsed, the files will be erased from Onehub and no longer accessible (unless you have a copy stored elsewhere).

Here’s how to set it up. Read More…

Why precise permission controls are important


Onehub offers a number of security measures, and our granular permission controls are in many ways — the front line in the defense of your data. I was reminded of the importance of permissions the other day when a gentleman who works at a service agency told me a story of permissions gone awry.

His agency, which was not using Onehub, tried to share a particular folder of materials with a client. This folder was a sub-folder of a larger hierarchy and when they shared the sub-folder, the agency actually granted access to the entirety of the master folder. As a result, sensitive data leaked.

Because of the lackluster permission controls offered by our competition, his agency didn’t have the option to grant precise permissions at the level needed. Read More…

Eight years, one mission: build a business


My company, Onehub, recently celebrated its eight year anniversary. It’s crazy to think about how different the startup world was just eight years ago. In 2007, the iPhone had just launched, unicorns were still rare, and file sharing was just crossing over into the mainstream.

Over the course of those eight years, the enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) space has spawned and attracted the attention of giants:

  • Dropbox took more than $1 billion in funding
  • Box went public
  • Both Microsoft and Google are making aggressive moves into the space

Faced with daunting competition like that, it would be easy to throw our hands up and throw in the towel. But we don’t, because we are too busy building a lasting business. Read More…