Chris Turner rides in to help Onehub customers

DSC_0292At Onehub, we hope to minimize the amount of customer support you’ll actually need, and for when it’s necessary, we want it to be the best experience for you. Our support team is staffed by real, live people (not robots), who are happy to help.

The newest addition to our team is Chris Turner, Onehub Customer Support Engineer. He’s been with us for a month now, learning the ropes from Amy and the rest of the Onehub team. Now that he’s fully ingrained, we thought we’d give him a proper introduction.


I help customers when they have questions about the service, or need some help with their account. Read More…

When setting up a NAT gateway with Amazon VPCs, size matters


Amazon’s cloud computing services have made launching an app or a startup easier than it has ever been. Sometimes getting set up may be a little too easy and you can overlook a simple step that can save your business time, frustration and money.

Paying attention to the size of your NAT gateway is really important when creating your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) computing environment, and it’s important to monitor as your business scales.

The NAT gateway is what allows your VPC to communicate with Amazon services, the Internet, and more importantly — your customers. It will impact the speed with which your end users will be able to complete the tasks they want to perform through your service. The selection of the NAT gateway instance size is a simple drop-down menu. But it’s a drop-down menu you should pay attention to! Read More…

How my startup minimizes meetings

onehub_meeting_roomI have a reputation for being direct among my employees. With that in mind I won’t bury the lead and come right out to say — most meetings are a huge waste of time and I actively encourage everyone at Onehub to build great products without them.

I’m not talking about one-on-ones or a weekly update, but rather the lumbering, overpopulated meetings that tend to cram up the average worker’s calendar. By one estimate, unnecessary meetings waste $37 billion a year in the U.S., and 47 percent of average meeting attendees said meetings were their top time waster at the office.  

To fight off meeting fatigue, here’s how I keep everyone on the Onehub team productive without bogging down their days. Read More…

With Onehub, file storage is business, not personal


Amid the Apple news last week of a new TV box, new iPhones, and a bigger iPad was the small nugget that it cut the price of its iCloud storage in half. This is great news for consumers, who have another low(er)-cost option for storing data in the cloud.

But what’s good for consumers, may not always be good for your business. People who use mass market cloud storage providers may wind up putting your corporate data in those personal accounts out of convenience or confusion if they have both a business and personal account with the same service.

The good news is that at Onehub, we’re more interested in securely hosting your company’s important financial documents than your family photos. We were built from the ground up to give businesses the best online collaboration experience. Read More…

Onehub makes getting back to work better

1980-computer-workerWith vacations over, charcoal embers of Labor Day BBQs extinguished, and all the dust motes from Burning Man’s playa vacuumed from the crevices of the rental RV — it’s time to get back to work. And let’s be honest, you really only have two and a half months to get really solid work done. Once Thanksgiving hits, the holidays push everything out again until 2016.

So, with those office realities on the calendar, here are some Onehub tips to make you super productive right away. Read More…

Why the Onehub Quick Start Guide is a great pick


Friday is Fantasy Football draft day at Onehub and just about everyone in the office is prepping their picks (and their trash talk). Somehow, I’ve gotten through my adulthood without playing fantasy sports, so it was with some trepidation that I signed up for the Onehub league.

Being a noob, I tried my first mock draft yesterday and the experience was almost overwhelming. What are all these stats? Where did all the running backs go? And how can I be expected to make a big pick in under 30 seconds? Aaaaaagghhhhh!

Thankfully, my co-worker, Matt, was there to walk me through it (and berate some of my selections). But what I really could have used is a simple, Quick Start Guide like the kind we offer new Onehub users. Read More…

What can we do better?

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.18.47 AMWe recently finished up a survey of our customers, asking them for insights into how they use Onehub, and what we can do to make their experience better.

Before we officially prioritize our product pipeline, we thought we’d post a quick note here on the blog just to make sure we reach out to as many people as we can.

Rather than posting the entire survey here, we can skip straight to the good stuff. You can email your answers to the questions below to

  • What Onehub feature is most useful to you?
  • If you could change one thing about Onehub, what would it be?

That’s it. We’ll add your answers to the mix as we begin development on our next release. If you have any questions about our existing product, feel free to reach out to our support team!

Case study: Onehub Data Rooms shine for UK Solar Assets


Data Rooms are great for projects that require extra layers of privacy like startup fundraising or bid collecting. But one of the first lessons in writing is “show, don’t tell,” so rather than tell you about Data Rooms again, we thought we’d show you how UK Solar Assets is using them to build multi-million dollar solar farms in Europe.

Building a solar farm is not a simple project. It requires experts from many different fields, months of research and investors who need to conduct thorough due diligence. UK Solar Assets selected Onehub’s Data Room solution because of its powerful toolset and straightforward pricing. We just launched a case study on UK Solar Assets that lays out more details, but here are some high level takeaways.

By using Onehub Data Rooms, UK Solar Assets:

Saved money – branding options and customization tools slashed web development costs.

Increased productivity – with strict role-based permissions, the company had better version control and reduced redundancies.

Enhanced communication – by integrating Onehub directly into its site, UK Solar Assets streamlined the collaboration process for all its partners.

We’re happy that Onehub’s Data Room solution help UK Solar Assets with their sustainable energy mission. Visit our Customers page to see how other world-class companies like the Seattle Seahawks, Limeade and Meetup use Onehub to get more done.