BankTEL streamlines sales process with Onehub Custom Agreements

Having a clean, straightforward sales lead process is critical for any growing company. At financial software company, BankTEL, the sales lead process used to be complicated because of compliance issues. Then the company discovered Onehub and our Custom Agreements feature, and now BankTEL’s sales lead process has been streamlined, leading to faster deal flow. Continue reading

Video: University of Washington Athletics scores with Onehub


The design team at the University of Washington Athletics department in Seattle, Washington oversees artwork, video and other media for 23 different sports teams. It’s a big, deadline driven job that requires complex collaboration across departments and the ability to easily and quickly share big files with coaches and players wherever they might be.

That’s why the UW Athletics department chose Onehub for all of its media file storage and sharing needs. After learning about us from another Onehub sports customer, the Seattle Seahawks, UW Athletics implemented Onehub and saw immediate benefits and improved workflows. Continue reading

Onehub Data Rooms help Ray White get deals done faster

Ray White LogoRay White Business Sales in Sydney, Australia sells companies for anywhere between $1 and $30 million dollars (AUS). At any given time the firm has a dozen deals in play, each requiring the storage and sharing of confidential corporate information. Ray White Business Sales in Sydney chooses Onehub Data Rooms to help speed up their deal flow.

You can read our new case study for all the details, but here are some highlights. Ray White Business Sales in Sydney prefers Onehub Data Rooms over the competition because our solution provides:

If you’re new to Onehub Data Rooms, check out this video that walks you through all of their benefits. If you’re interested in setting up your own Data Room, contact us directly.

Case study: Onehub Data Rooms shine for UK Solar Assets


Data Rooms are great for projects that require extra layers of privacy like startup fundraising or bid collecting. But one of the first lessons in writing is “show, don’t tell,” so rather than tell you about Data Rooms again, we thought we’d show you how UK Solar Assets is using them to build multi-million dollar solar farms in Europe.

Building a solar farm is not a simple project. It requires experts from many different fields, months of research and investors who need to conduct thorough due diligence. UK Solar Assets selected Onehub’s Data Room solution because of its powerful toolset and straightforward pricing. We just launched a case study on UK Solar Assets that lays out more details, but here are some high level takeaways.

By using Onehub Data Rooms, UK Solar Assets:

Saved money – branding options and customization tools slashed web development costs.

Increased productivity – with strict role-based permissions, the company had better version control and reduced redundancies.

Enhanced communication – by integrating Onehub directly into its site, UK Solar Assets streamlined the collaboration process for all its partners.

We’re happy that Onehub’s Data Room solution help UK Solar Assets with their sustainable energy mission. Visit our Customers page to see how other world-class companies like the Seattle Seahawks, Limeade and Meetup use Onehub to get more done.