Pro Tip: Preview videos in-browser in a Data Room


The ability to create Data Rooms is one of our most popular features. Customers love how easy it is to set up a Data Room in Onehub, and how the functionality comes included as part of every Business plan subscription. Lately, we’ve heard there is another reason Onehub Data Rooms are better than the competition: the ability to preview videos in the browser. Continue reading

Case study: Onehub Data Rooms shine for UK Solar Assets


Data Rooms are great for projects that require extra layers of privacy like startup fundraising or bid collecting. But one of the first lessons in writing is “show, don’t tell,” so rather than tell you about Data Rooms again, we thought we’d show you how UK Solar Assets is using them to build multi-million dollar solar farms in Europe.

Building a solar farm is not a simple project. It requires experts from many different fields, months of research and investors who need to conduct thorough due diligence. UK Solar Assets selected Onehub’s Data Room solution because of its powerful toolset and straightforward pricing. We just launched a case study on UK Solar Assets that lays out more details, but here are some high level takeaways.

By using Onehub Data Rooms, UK Solar Assets:

Saved money – branding options and customization tools slashed web development costs.

Increased productivity – with strict role-based permissions, the company had better version control and reduced redundancies.

Enhanced communication – by integrating Onehub directly into its site, UK Solar Assets streamlined the collaboration process for all its partners.

We’re happy that Onehub’s Data Room solution help UK Solar Assets with their sustainable energy mission. Visit our Customers page to see how other world-class companies like the Seattle Seahawks, Limeade and Meetup use Onehub to get more done.

Breakwater Chicago uses Onehub Data Rooms

Breakwater Chicago wants to build a huge, floating, entertainment resort on the waters of Lake Michigan just off the shores of Chicago. Coming off a successful crowdfunding campaign to gauge public interest last year, the company has a goal of raising $23 million to fund its ambitious project.

In a post on the company’s corporate blog, Breakwater President and Co-Founder, Beau D’arcy breaks down the Nuts and Bolts of Raising Capital. D’Arcy writes that Data Rooms are a “critical tool” in this process and explains why he likes using Onehub’s Data Room solution. Not only is it an easy way to store business plan documents in the cloud, it’s great to share that data with investors:

Then you can give investors access to the Data Room and, my favorite part, you get to monitor their activity from your control panel. Being able to see if investors are actually accessing your Data Room will tell you how serious they are, and therefore how much time you should devote to them in your sales process. You can also tell if folks are viewing, printing or downloading individual files, so if one investor is spending a lot of time on your financial model, you should think about a touch-point that’s relevant, like maybe some supporting stats published in a magazine that validate your revenue projections. And, a key to this system, is that a nondisclosure screen pops-up when you first access the Data Room, which simplifies the whole NDA issue greatly and helps to protect your intellectual property.

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Hackers target law firms

network_securityIt’s not just big companies that face serious threats from hack attacks — the law firms that represent them are banding together to share information as they become the latest targets for hackers and online criminals. According to a report by The New York Times:

Law enforcement agencies have long been concerned about the vulnerability of United States law firms to online attacks because they are seen by hackers and nations bent on corporate espionage as a rich repository of company secrets, business strategies and intellectual property.

We’ve written before about how Onehub makes security a top priority for our online file sharing and collaboration. With bank-level encryption, robust permission controls and audit trails, Onehub goes to extreme lengths to protect your data.

A number of law firms have selected Onehub not only because of the enhanced content protection, but also because we offer firms enhanced services like client portals and virtual data rooms.

If you’re a law firm looking for a better way to protect your clients and your client’s data, contact us to see what Onehub can do for you, or try Onehub for free.