When setting up a NAT gateway with Amazon VPCs, size matters


Amazon’s cloud computing services have made launching an app or a startup easier than it has ever been. Sometimes getting set up may be a little too easy and you can overlook a simple step that can save your business time, frustration and money.

Paying attention to the size of your NAT gateway is really important when creating your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) computing environment, and it’s important to monitor as your business scales.

The NAT gateway is what allows your VPC to communicate with Amazon services, the Internet, and more importantly — your customers. It will impact the speed with which your end users will be able to complete the tasks they want to perform through your service. The selection of the NAT gateway instance size is a simple drop-down menu. But it’s a drop-down menu you should pay attention to! Continue reading

Lifting heavy loads is no problem for Ryan Graham

RYAN PICMeet Ryan Graham, Onehub DevOps engineer and the newest member of the Onehub team.

Graham helps make sure that Onehub is always up and running and ready for you to use. And as an avid weightlifter, heavy loads are no problem for him in the gym or at the data center.

Bad Horrible jokes aside, we asked Graham a few questions about what he does and what he loves doing.


I’m Ryan Graham. I drink coffee and I write software. I do DevOps for Onehub.


It’s Ops with a different philosophy applied. Instead of repeating tasks, you invest the time and effort upfront to write software that automates those tasks.

DevOps engineers create infrastructure as code. We write software that automatically provisions servers and maintains the health of those servers. Continue reading