Diana Swenson is excited to teach you about Onehub

Pasted image at 2016_03_08 06_42 AMTons of people sign up for a free Onehub trial every day. That’s awesome, but as we add so many potential customers, we want to make sure each of them has a great experience with our secure file sharing solution.

That’s why we hired Diana Swenson as Onehub’s new Sales Development Representative, or SDR for short. Since many of you will be speaking with her directly, we thought we’d introduce her and her role here properly with this quick chat.

What does an SDR do?
As an SDR, I get to assist new trial customers with our file sharing platform. I set up screenshare demos to make sure they understand what they can do with Onehub. I also assist with customer service related calls as needed and mostly just make sure people have a great experience using Onehub! Continue reading

A great product is only half of the SaaS success equation


First time entrepreneurs looking to launch SaaS startups often ask me for advice. I’m always happy to help and have noticed over the years that most of them focus too much on the product — and neglect the customer.

It’s easy for founders to speak volumes about their product: “It’ll have amazing design! It’ll have awesome features! It’ll be cross-platform!” All that is great. But having a great product is only half the equation.

I ask first-time entrepreneurs these questions:

  • Who is the target customer?
  • How will you reach these customers?
  • How much will that customer acquisition cost?
  • Is that customer acquisition scalable and affordable?

That’s when things get real quiet. Continue reading