Drury Design uses Onehub to make project files available anytime, from any device.

Drury Presentation

Drury tested the Onehub solution on a client project and was very satisfied with the result. The easy-to-use, Drury-branded, Onehub portal allowed them to create workspaces for various clients and projects. The workspaces include messaging and commenting capability, dashboards, and custom branding. Each workspace has a project manager who handles administration—inviting participants and ensuring that everything necessary is uploaded.

“Our largest clients, like IBM, were much more used to file sharing than we were,” said Liza Handman, Vice President of the Creative Development Group at Drury. “They really like the Onehub system we use and being able to access anything they need, at any time—day or night. The ROI for our clients is excellent.”

The solution was easy to deploy as well. As a hosted service, Onehub is highly scalable and reliable, with no single point of failure. It’s also easy to learn. Onehub led an all-company training session on Webex for the Drury team ensuring that they hit the ground running with the system on day one. After just a few weeks using Onehub, Drury employees were already seeing the benefits.

“Onehub gives us confidence that we won’t lose anything—we know the right thing is in the right place every time. We all sleep better at night,” added Handman.

Another benefit the company realized was an immediate reduction in the need to print out files. This helps the company support sustainability goals that everyone in the company can feel good about.

All in all, the Drury team is very happy with the Onehub solution. VP Liza Handman recommends Onehub without reservation: “Onehub is user friendly, easy, and has lots of great features. It’s wonderful in so many ways.”

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