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Permissions and privacy improve deal flow for Ray White Business Sales Sydney


The granular permissions, ease of use, and customized agreement acceptance offered by Onehub’s Data Room solution improves speed to market to help Ray White Business Sales close deals faster.


Ray White has been doing business in Australia for more than 100 years. The company has evolved from its humble origins as a family real estate business to a giant corporation with more than 1,000 offices across Australia and Asia offering commercial real estate and business sale services.

Matthew Holland runs Ray White Business Sales in Sydney, facilitating the sales of businesses in the $1 to $30 million dollar (AUS) range. At any given time, Holland has up to a dozen different deals happening at once — each requiring a strict level of data privacy to facilitate a smooth transaction. Onehub Data Rooms provide Holland robust security tools wrapped in a straightforward user experience that helps him accelerate his deal process.


Onehub Data Rooms are the perfect solution for companies involved with mergers and acquisitions. Data Rooms offer enhanced privacy tools that allow companies like Ray White Business Sales Sydney to store and share financial data with numerous parties ­— without those parties knowing about each other.

“We need a safe area where buyers can connect with us,” said Holland, and Onehub Data Rooms deliver the safety he needs in terms of data protection, ease of use and affordability.

Granular Permissions

Onehub lets you precisely control how people interact with the content you share. For Ray White Business Sales Sydney, data control is particularly important when sharing confidential financial documents with potential buyers. With Onehub’s role-based permissions, Holland can set interested parties as “Viewers,” preventing them from downloading or printing documents.

“Defining precise permissions puts my customers at ease,” said Holland, “and limiting content interaction allows me to better control access to sensitive data.”

Custom Agreements

Holland also actively uses Onehub’s agreement feature. This enables him to upload customized terms of use language that participants must agree to before they can access any content. It provides an extra layer of protection and control over who can access a client’s data.

Beautiful Experience

Holland had tried a number of different Data Room solutions, but they didn’t offer the same straightforward, easy-to-use experience as Onehub. Setting up a Onehub Data Room is simple — even with a constantly changing pipeline of up to 12 deals at a time, and Onehub’s intuitive interface makes uploading content and assigning permissions a snap.

“It’s not just us,” said Holland, “the simplicity extends to the user as well. I’ve used other data rooms and they are clunky compared to Onehub’s solution.”


When you have as many deals in play as Holland does, price can quickly become a factor. Because you can create as many Data Rooms as you like with the Onehub Business Plan, and because you can invite as many people as you like at the “Viewer” level, Onehub became the clear, affordable option compared with the competition.


With Onehub Data Rooms, Holland was able to decrease his time to market and increase his peace of mind.

More Deals

When a client engages Ray White Business Sales Sydney, Holland looks to complete the sale within three to six months. With Onehub, he can quickly create Data Room environments to facilitate faster deal flow. This in turn allows him to increase productivity, improve results, and take on more clients.

Safe and Secure

With Onehub’s suite of robust privacy and permission tools, Holland can feel more secure about who is accessing deal data and how. Knowing that all his documents are secure allows him to spend more time closing existing deals and attracting new ones.

Onehub delivers the privacy, security and affordability Ray White Business Sales of Sydney needs to get its deals done. To find out more about creating a Onehub Data Room, contact sales@onehub.com.

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The ease of use and granular permission controls of Onehub Data Rooms have definitely improved our speed to market.

Matthew Holland

Director, Ray White Business Sales Sydney
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