Got questions?

  • Does Onehub store my Dropbox files?

    With Onehub, your files are still stored in Dropbox. Once you add a Dropbox folder to Onehub, a temporary copy is made in order to generate previews for them. Once the preview is generated, the temporary copy is deleted. If you remove any file, the preview for that file will be deleted as well.

  • How secure is my data?

    Onehub is secure by default. Only the people you invite or share a secure link with have access to view or downloads files. Onehub provides a role-based permission system to give you control over what level of access you provide to Workspaces, folders, and files.

  • Is my data encrypted on transfer?

    Yes, all communications between the browser or client application and the Onehub server is encrypted and sent over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

  • Is my data encrypted at rest?

    Yes, all data is stored encrypted when at rest.

  • How do I audit Workspace activity?

    The Activity feature enables users to filter activity by Workspaces, action type, and time period. To view Activity, go to the Activity tab from the user home.

  • How do I audit file activity?

    Every event in Onehub is logged and event information is available to users with an Administrator or Moderator role. To view activity for a file, click the History tab in the file preview sidebar.

  • How do I limit a user’s permissions?

    Onehub uses a role-based permission system to control access to files and information. The role is set when the user is invited and can be changed at any time by an Administrator or Moderator.

  • How do I view my Workspace as different role?

    When sharing a Workspace, folder, or file, click the View As icon to preview the selected role. The Onehub bar will be replaced with a preview bar. To return to the normal view, click the X icon in the top right to exit preview mode.

  • How do I report a security concern?

    If you are aware of a security flaw that you believe might impact our products, please view our security response policy.

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