Onehub Press

  • Birch Capital Does Case Study with Onehub

    Onehub customer Birch Capital talks about why they chose Onehub, and continues to use Onehub, in recent case study. Birch Capital is a specialty real estate finance group and Birch REA (Real Estate Advisors), a firm that offers consulting, advisory, and valuation service to corporations, investors, financial institutions and developers.

  • Hilco Industrial Picks Onehub for Secure Online File Sharing

    Onehub recently published a case study showcasing their client Hilco Industrial, a company that handles machinery and equipment disposition services, on how and why they chose Onehub as their secure online file sharing solution.

  • White Wolf Capital Chooses Onehub for Their Virtual Data Room

    Onehub announces a case study showcasing their client White Wolf Capital, a New York-based private investment firm, on why they chose Onehub, over other file sharing solutions, to easily and securely manage their virtual data room.

  • Onehub Offers a 20% Discount to Schools

    Onehub recently announced that it is extending its popular 20% discount for non-profit businesses to include schools. This will allow schools and students to take advantage of Onehub’s unique secure online file sharing to improve collaboration.

  • Onehub Launches Cloud File Sharing on iOS Mobile Devices

    Onehub is extending its mobile cloud application with the ability for Apple (AAPL) iOS users to securely share files directly to the Onehub file-sharing network. Essentially, this gives iPad and iPhone users to use the file-sharing service just as they would with other supported devices.

  • Onehub Releases New Feature for iPhone App

    Onehub has just released an exciting new feature for their iOS application. This latest update will allow users to save files directly to a secure location on the Onehub file sharing network from your iPhone and iPad.

  • MossWarner Does Case Study With Onehub

    MossWarner has been a Onehub customer since 2008. When they needed an online client portal for collaboration with colleagues and customers...

  • Onehub API: Serious Security For File Sharing

    For large companies who require the constant transfer of files and private information, the need for a system that can store, organise and share files quickly and efficiently is paramount...

  • Share Files with Confidence Using Onehub

    Online file sharing solutions like those offered by Onehub are great for driving collaboration in the workplace. Onehub helps businesses...

  • Onehub Releases a Major Update of its iOS App

    Onehub Inc. has pushed forward a new version of its iOS app, Onehub. The latest upgrade, Version 2.3, comes with UI improvements and bug fixes. Workspace agreements are...

  • File Sharing Goes Mobile With Onehub's New Android Application

    Onehub, a leading provider of file sharing and content management software for businesses, today announced the availability of its new Android application...

  • Onehub's New Enterprise Edition Provides Secure File Sharing and Collaboration on Your Private Network

    Onehub, a leading provider of file sharing and content management software for businesses, today announced the release of Onehub Enterprise. Unlike other file sharing solutions...

  • Onehub Releases File Sharing App for Apple's iPad

    Onehub, a leading provider of file sharing and content management software for businesses, today announced the availability of its new iPad application in the Apple iTunes App Store. This application enables users...

  • Onehub Raises $1.3 Million in Funding, Adds Three New Board Members

    Onehub, Inc., a leading provider of web-based collaboration and file sharing software, announced today that it has secured $1.3 million in Series A financing from...

  • Onehub Announces Affiliate Program

    Onehub, Inc. today announced the launch of its affiliate program that will reward IT consultants, web consultants, bloggers, industry associations and Onehub devotees who recommend Onehub with commissions of 100% the first month's subscription fee. Affiliates can earn up to...

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