Security Response Policy

We appreciate your support and discretion.

Report your concern.

We do everything in our power to keep our customers safe from the latest threats. If you are aware of a security flaw that you believe might impact our products, we want to know about it. Please email any relevant information to We strongly recommend that you encrypt your email with our public key. (Public Key Fingerprint: 9EEA 0B18 3A4D D056 78D2 9683 3C5A 562C C279 F137)

We will take action.

We will acknowledge your report within 24 hours and continue to communicate with you as we fix any issues. After triaging, we will privately notify any Onehub Enterprise customers that will require software updates. Lastly, once the issue has been patched and deployed, we will disclose the issue via email and/or blog post.

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