Video: University of Washington Athletics scores with Onehub


The design team at the University of Washington Athletics department in Seattle, Washington oversees artwork, video and other media for 23 different sports teams. It’s a big, deadline driven job that requires complex collaboration across departments and the ability to easily and quickly share big files with coaches and players wherever they might be.

That’s why the UW Athletics department chose Onehub for all of its media file storage and sharing needs. After learning about us from another Onehub sports customer, the Seattle Seahawks, UW Athletics implemented Onehub and saw immediate benefits and improved workflows. Continue reading

Video: How to enable Workspace Agreements

As my son gets older, I find that I have to a.) be very specific about my requests of him and b.) have him explicitly acknowledge that he understands what is expected. That’s actually not a bad way to think about Onehub’s Agreements feature.

When you enable Agreements on a Workspace, users you share it with must actively accept the terms you set before they can access your content. Since agreements are customizable, you can lay out the precise terms under which the content is shared.

This brief video is part of our Onehub video tutorial series and will walk you through the process of activating and customizing your own agreements. If you have any questions about this or any of our security features, feel free to contact our support team.

Video: How to set up and use Activity Tracking in Onehub

Activity Tracking in Onehub helps boost productivity and improve data security by giving you a record of who accessed your data, when it was accessed, and what was done with it.

Activity Tracking comes as part of your Onehub account, and this video will show you how to set it up and use it. It’s part of our Onehub Tutorial video series that helps you get the most out of your subscription.

If you have any questions about Activity Tracking or any of Onehub’s features, feel free to contact us.

Video: Using Tasks and Comments in Onehub

We named the company “Onehub” for a reason. Our goal is to build one platform for comprehensive business collaboration. So in addition to enterprise file storage and sharing, Onehub features a number of communication tools such as Tasks and Comments.

Assigning Tasks and providing Comments in Onehub simplifies your workflow by allowing you to communicate with your team directly in Onehub. This consolidates and attaches your communication directly to the specific files you are collaborating on, eliminating the need to switch between apps when seeking approvals or leaving comments.

This video walks you through the basics of using Tasks and Comments in Onehub, and illustrates how they can optimize your work process.

For more Onehub video tutorials, visit our YouTube page.

Video: How to set up Google Suggesting Mode

We’ve been conducting a poll with some of our customers, asking them what new features they would like us to add to Onehub.

One customer wrote in asking us to add redline capabilities when editing documents so they can see the exact changes made and who made them.

So to whomever wrote in with that request — today is your lucky day! Because Onehub is tightly integrated with Google Docs, that functionality already exists and customers can use it right now.

To enable redline edits in documents, you need to turn on Google Suggesting mode. Not sure how to do that? OMG, today is your lucky day, too, because we created a video to walk you through the process! Using Suggesting mode is something we recommend as it makes the editing process much more efficient.

Watch the video to learn how!

For more tips and tricks on using Onehub, check out the rest of our video tutorial series.

Video: How to customize your Onehub Workspace

Way back in the day, Burger King ran a commercial with a song about having a Whopper “your way.” I wanted to do a shot-for-shot remake of that 1974 commercial with my Onehub colleagues, replacing “Whopper” with “Workspace.” The lyrics went something like:

Pick your logo,
color hexes
Make your Workspace
look its bestest…

You get where it’s going. But, alas, I couldn’t get any of my co-workers to put on the vintage outfits. So I’m reduced to just telling you that your Workspaces are your Workspaces. As such, Onehub lets you customize their look and feel to match your brand.

Customizing your Workspace is very easy, and to help you, we created this handy dandy short video to walk you through it.

In addition to matching your brand standards, changing up the look of your Workspaces can actually help your workflow. By assigning different logos and colors, you can give yourself an immediate visual cue as to what project you are working on.

This is the latest in our video tutorial series, which you can find on our YouTube channel. Grab a burger and watch them all!

Video: Send secure links to share your files with anyone

There will be times when you want to share the files you store in Onehub with people who do not have a Onehub account. The easiest way to do this is by creating secure links.

This video (the latest in our Onehub tutorial series), will show you how to set up and send secure links, as well as enable additional security measures such as password protection and expiration dates.