We’re Hiring! Join Our Customer Support Team

A lot of companies like to say they’re a family. At Onehub we don’t. Why? Because we’d rather provide sane working hours so you can spend more time with your actual family!

We’re more of a tight-knit team at Onehub (we even work out together!), delivering world class cloud file storage and sharing solutions. Our business has been growing like crazy, which means we need to grow our team by adding a new Customer Support Rep. (This could be you!)

As part of our customer support crew, you will be on the front lines of our business, interacting with our more than 1.6 million users worldwide. You’ll answer questions, provide guidance, and make their day just a little bit better with your top-notch service.

What we are looking for

  • Firm grasp of how the web and cloud applications work
  • Experience troubleshooting software issues directly with clients
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Excellent phone manner
  • Interest in web development and programming are a plus

What you would do

  • Troubleshoot customer support issues via phone and email
  • Take ownership of technical issues and working with our engineering team to file bugs and help resolve issues
  • Write content and articles for our online help system
  • Document troubleshooting and problem resolution steps
  • Provide technical demos and training to customers via web conference

This position is full-time, located at our fantastic downtown Seattle headquarters, which comes complete with a stellar view of Puget Sound. You’ll work with a world-class group of programmers, sales folks and other customer service reps in a very flat organization. This means you’ll get the chance to make a big impact on our product and company on a daily basis.

All we ask is that you’re cool with collaborating with others, are driven to delight our customers, and place your office snack orders on time.

To apply, please send your resume and a short email to jobs@onehub.com and let us know why you are a good fit for this position. Write your introduction email as you would if you were responding to a customer, so we can see your communication and writing skills in action.

Admins: Enforce complex passwords and two-factor authorization

Last week brought news that not one but two vital internet services experienced bugs that exposed user passwords. On May 1, code repository site, Github announced that “a small number of user passwords” were exposed, and then two days later, Twitter suffered a similar error that caused the company to recommend everyone change their password.

In both cases, passwords were exposed, unencrypted on an internal logging site. Neither company reported any malfeasance as a result of the exposure, but it makes for a great time to remind you:

  1. No one at Onehub has access to your password.
  2. Everything we do at Onehub is encrypted from end-to-end.
  3. Should you want, we offer Onehub account admins the ability to enforce complex passwords, require password changes, and to enforce two-factor authentication.

Read More…

Get Ready, Get Set for GDPR

With a little more than a month until it takes effect, GDPR are four letters that you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming weeks. If you’re still confused and/or concerned by it, you’re not alone. Dell and Dimension research suggests that 80 percent of businesses know little or nothing about GDPR.

So what the heck is it?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is a new set of rules meant to unify data protection laws across the European Union. It applies to any company storing or processing data about European citizens within the EU – even if that company does not have an office or other presence in Europe. Read More…

Jennifer Lau Makes Onehub Sales Sweet

Onehub is ten years old this year! Time hasn’t slowed us down, in fact, a decade in and we’re still growing. So much so that we had to bring on a new member of the team to help with sales.

Jennifer Lau is Onehub’s newest Inside Sales Account Manager and she is here to make sure everyone new to our service has the best experience. We thought you should get to know her, so we sat down and asked her a few questions.

What do you do for Onehub?
Basically, I do sales at Onehub. I handle initial customer contact from our free fourteen-day trial to the actual purchase. I do account management as well to make sure customers are getting the most out of their subscription. I also drink a lot of tea. Read More…

Five time-saving steps to take before Labor Day

Labor Day is just about here, and that means come next Tuesday it’s time once again for the full-on work sprint until the holidays. Before you head out to the Hamptons and pack away your white pants, here are five time-saving tips to make your worklife post-Labor Day that much easier.

1. Archive old Workspaces. Streamline what you see when you sign into Onehub by removing clutter. If there are old or outdated Worskpaces that you and your team don’t use anymore, archive them! They’ll remain accessible, but will be hidden from view so you can focus on what’s important right now. Read More…

Exhorting the use of exporting lists

We rotate working the weekend support desk here at Onehub, as it gives everyone a chance to interact with customers and learn how they are using our product. I recently pulled a weekend shift and got a request for how to export a list of files and folders in a Workspace.

It’s a feature that’s easy to explain, and one that’s probably useful to a lot of people with expansive Workspaces, so I thought I’d share the answer here. And, while we’re on the subject of exporting lists, now seems like a good time to throw in how to export a list of users as well. Read More…