Video: Why Sync speed matters for your business

When your business has large teams collaborating on the same files, speed matters. The faster people have the latest versions of documents and spreadsheets, the more informed they are to make better decisions.

Cloud-based solutions work great for consumers, but in a business setting, all those individual trips collaborators make up and down to the cloud to retrieve updates are inefficient and waste time.

With the new Onehub Sync, we use a “peer-to-peer+one” technology. Anytime you change a file, those changes are sent out using the fastest route available. If changes are made on a local network, Onehub Sync can skip the trip to the cloud and deliver updates directly over the network. For remote collaborators the “+one” is a persistent peer in the cloud to make sure changes are always accessible, no matter where you are.

In this brief video, the Onehub team walks you through Sync’s unique “peer-to-peer+one” technology, and why this makes enterprise collaboration so speedy.

Video: Why Onehub Sync is secure

We built the new Onehub Sync to be fast. But when your company is collaborating on mission critical files, you also need security. Protecting your data is our top priority at Onehub, which is why we made sure the new Onehub Sync is secure.

In addition to encrypting communication between peers you sync with, files stored in the cloud through Onehub are encrypted in transit and at rest. In this brief video, Onehub CEO, Charles Mount and Onehub CTO, Brian Moran, provide a brief explainer on the security built in to Onehub Sync.

How “both/and” helped shape our new P2P+Cloud sync product


Too often in business, when we encounter a problem we think of the solution in terms of “either/or.” Instead of limiting our options, a better approach is to view any potential outcome as a “both/and.” When my company, Onehub, looked at the problem of enterprise file synchronization, we knew that using a combination of both cloud and peer-to-peer technologies offered the best solution.

File syncing is the way you make sure the files you have spread across various locations are all up to date. When you make a change on your laptop, syncing ensures that those changes propagate out to not only all of your devices — but to everyone else you have shared those files with.

It’s no surprise cloud adoption is accelerating in the enterprise. Cloud offers a level of convenience, flexibility, and ubiquity that can’t be matched by local network storage. But the cloud lacks in one major area — speed. Updating files via local networks is faster — but you lose out on some of the convenience of the cloud.

When doing large scale file syncing, enterprises need both speed and convenience. Read More…

Video: How Onehub Sync’s “peer-to-peer+one” makes file syncing better

Onehub released its all new Onehub Sync app today, delivering a better file sync and collaboration experience for the enterprise. You can read all about it here and here. But if you are looking for a more multimedia explainer, we’ve prepared a brief video for you. In it, Onehub CEO, Charles Mount, Onehub CTO, Brian Moran and Onehub Lead Developer, Leigh Caplan walk you through the basics of Onehub Sync’s “peer-to-peer+one” approach, and why it’s so powerful.

The all new Onehub Sync officially launches

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.16.59 PM

Last year we spoke to a number of our customers to find out what Onehub feature was most important to them. Across the board they said they wanted faster file syncing for workgroups. So we set out to build the fastest and best file sync on the market, and today we’re happy to announce the official release of the all-new Onehub Sync.

We introduced the Onehub Sync beta a few months back, and a number of Onehub customers helped us test the product. Response has been fantastic, and we’ve made a few nips, tucks, and tweaks to enhance it even more.

The all-new Onehub Sync is built from the ground up to deliver blazing fast updates for the enterprise. To do this, we created an approach we call “peer-to-peer+one,” which leverages the power of the BitTorrent Sync API and adds a layer of tools that meet the business requirements of large-scale companies. Read More…

Introducing the brand new

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.18.47 AMYou may have noticed some changes around lately. We just finished a complete redesign of our site to give it a cleaner, updated look.

We took a device-agnostic approach to this version of the site, which means visitors will get a beautiful experience, regardless of whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Big shout out to Matthew Anderson and Andrew Juarez for all their hard work imagining, creating, iterating, and implementing the new look.