Event Notifications in Rails 5 with ActionCable!


Here at Onehub, we have an activity log for actions users perform. That way you can see when Workspaces, files and folders are created, moved, deleted, or downloaded. You can also see when comments and messages are made as well as many other events.

Currently, we maintain a separate project that handles streaming these events to your activity log. This project is a piece of legacy software (read: hard to maintain and confusing to trace). With the release of Rails 5.0.0beta2, we took a dive into one of Rails 5 most exciting new features, ActionCable.

ActionCable greatly simplifies the complexity of getting websockets up and running to stream real-time event notifications to the activity log. We can now have our activity log logic live right alongside our application logic.

Based on a video tutorial by DHH for a chat app, I put together a short tutorial on how to get an event system up and running in the new Rails 5 app. This tutorial assumes you have created a new Rails 5.0.0beta2 (installing Rails 5 here) project and have a redis server up and running (installing redis).

Lets make some events!

First we’re going to make our event model. An event will have a message, and we’ll use it’s created_at field for the timestamp

$ rails g model event message:string

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Video: Using Tasks and Comments in Onehub

We named the company “Onehub” for a reason. Our goal is to build one platform for comprehensive business collaboration. So in addition to enterprise file storage and sharing, Onehub features a number of communication tools such as Tasks and Comments.

Assigning Tasks and providing Comments in Onehub simplifies your workflow by allowing you to communicate with your team directly in Onehub. This consolidates and attaches your communication directly to the specific files you are collaborating on, eliminating the need to switch between apps when seeking approvals or leaving comments.

This video walks you through the basics of using Tasks and Comments in Onehub, and illustrates how they can optimize your work process.

For more Onehub video tutorials, visit our YouTube page.

Introducing Onehub video tutorials

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.23.46 PMWhether it’s learning how to replace a shower head or properly tie a tie, there are online video tutorials that show us how to do just about anything at any time. We wanted to give our users that same flexibility and power to get the most out of their accounts, so today we are launching Onehub video tutorials.

Our video tutorials are 1 – 3 minute screencasts that will illustrate how you can get the most out of Onehub. From getting started to running Onehub on your own domain, these videos will help you unlock more features, optimize your workflow, and get more done.

We’re kicking things off with a trio of videos that go over the very basics of using Onehub: Continue reading