Video: How to turn on Automatic Watermarking

Onehub provides a host of security features to help businesses protect their data. One popular tool is our Automatic Watermarking for Workspaces. Onehub’s Watermarking splashes the word “Confidential” along with a user’s email (or IP) address and datestamp across every page of every document in a Workspace.

Watermarks are great because they help thwart unwanted sharing. Users will be less likely to surreptitiously disclose a document if they know their email address is plastered over every page.

Turning on Automatic Watermarking is easy! This brief video walks you through how to set it up and how it works.

If you have any questions about Watermarks or any of our security features, feel free to contact us at (877)644-7774. For more Onehub video tutorials, visit our YouTube channel.

Thwart unwanted sharing with automatic watermarking

In my spare time (Ed. note: ha, right!), I like to write screenplays. Last Friday I finished the first draft of my latest one, which is a moment of joy and terror. Joy because it’s finally done. Terror because now I have to show it to people for feedback/judgment.

To share it, I set up a Onehub Workspace and sent out secure links. If I was a big-time Hollywood writer and there were millions of dollars at stake on this script (Ed. note: I’m not,  there aren’t) I could have also enabled extras like password protection and link expirations.

But if I wanted to go that extra privacy mile, I would enable automatic watermarking. Onehub’s watermarking feature is an awesome way to help thwart unwanted sharing of your documents, and it is incredibly easy to set up. Continue reading