Delivery Agent Creates Secure Collaboration Portal

Delivery Agent chooses Onehub to Create a Secure Collaboration Portal and Reduce IT Administration

Delivery Agent, the leader in shopping-enabled entertainment, chooses Onehub to collaborate with high-profile media company partners as well as create a company-wide intranet



Delivery Agent, Inc., is the leader in shopping-enabled entertainment for television shows, movies, magazines, sports, and music videos. Delivery Agent created the market for shopping-enabled entertainment by redefining how products seen on or related to entertainment content are catalogued, sold and measured online.

Delivery Agent partners with high-profile media companies, such as Discovery, A&E, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX NBC, MTV, UFC, and Universal just to name a few.

They need to share different types of graphical and audio-video media files, spreadsheets, and presentation documents with theses partners.


Prior to finding Onehub, Delivery Agent was using a combination of systems and services. Including their own hosted FTP, FTP hosted by their partners, other systems that required software installation on Delivery Agent systems and finally email. Delivery Agent knew that the FTP server had to be replaced and also wanted to consolidate the variety of systems and methods used to share files in order to better manage costs, training time, administration, and support issues. “We had been waiting for an easy to use application like Onehub that would combine collaboration functions (similar to those in popular social networking sites), security that would enable us to protect assets and access, and robust file sharing that was reliable and would accommodate the size and variety of files we work with,” said Glen Hendler, Delivery Agent Customer Support Technician.

  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced IT Administration
  • Intranet and Extranet Solution in One

Delivery Agent explored many possible solutions and found Onehub to be the most cost effective solution to meet their needs. Onehub had all the features the Delivery Agent team needed for their extranet and company intranet — and with unlimited user accounts and generous files size and bandwidth restrictions, their search was over.

Implementation and deployment of the Onehub service was effortless, especially compared to solutions that require new client software. With Onehub, Delivery Agent already enjoys savings in time spent on internal IT support and administration. But soon (if not already) the ability for employees who work with outside contacts to create a customized and secure portal to collaborate will outweigh the IT benefits.

“When I see the number of hubs created by staff, and files shared with partners, without IT requests for assistance, I consider that positive feedback. I fully expect a number of our partners will purchase their own Onehub accounts to share files with their other contacts.”

Delivery Agent also needed a Human Resources intranet site for facilitating employee access to benefit information and company news. Instead of purchasing a separate hardware/software solution and taking the time to install, configure and deploy, it was a simple matter instead to create a hub called Human Resources and populate it with information. “Now we have created several other Intranet portals, including one for company/corporate services, one for the IT Helpdesk and several for other organizational groups,” says Hendler.