Construction Management Companies Reduce Costs with Onehub

In tough economic times construction companies are looking to be more efficient than ever. Reducing costs and accelerating timelines are a top priority. Many look to technology to help them improve their operational efficiency. Web-based software is particularly great at helping construction companies throughout the construction management process because it can be accessed anytime and anywhere — whether in the office, home office or on a jobsite.

Centralizing Documents and Making Project Management Easier

Onehub helps many construction companies connect and coordinate the work of general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and construction workers. By helping companies create a centralized repository for access to documents and business information, Onehub allows sharing of blueprints and construction drawings, RFIs, submittals, purchase orders, site photos and more. That is why construction companies like DTR Contractors, Coastal Construction and Vali Cooper & Associates are using Onehub to enable better project management and make sharing files easier.

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