Introducing the new Onehub White Label Collaboration Solution

Made by Onehub. Powered by Onehub. But we’ll keep that between us.

We’ve recently added an exciting new feature to the Enterprise Edition that allows you to remove all the Onehub branding so it looks like a solution that you developed. Absolutely no Onehub logos. Just use the white label settings found in the Account profile section to customize Onehub even further.

Here is a look at the settings you can use to customize your Onehub account.

Custom Domain Mapping

Create custom URLs that include your company name and exclude Onehub.


Hide the Help Menu in the Onehub Bar

Hides the Help link and drop-down menu in the top black bar.


Hide the logo in the Onehub Bar

Replaces the Onehub logo in the top black bar with a text link to the User Home


Hide the logo in the user home

Removes the Onehub logo in the User Home area including Home, Activity, and Settings

Questions about the Onehub white label solution? Feel free to contact