Get More Out of Workspaces with Sync

Sharing files online is great. As long as you don’t have to switch to your browser every 5 minutes to manually upload and download files when they change.

Onehub Sync is a new feature for Workspaces that keeps a local copy of all the files and folders stored in the online Workspace. The Onehub Sync client is a lightweight application than runs continually to watch for changes to online and local files. When changes are detected, the client automatically synchronizes the two.

Download Onehub Sync

Why should you try Onehub Sync?

It’s Easy. Onehub Sync only takes a few minutes to setup.
It’s Automatic. Once installed, you work on files in your special Onehub folder and everything is automatically synchronized in the background.
It’s Free. Onehub Sync is free with any paid plan. For free users, you can try Sync free for 30 days.

Benefits of Onehub Sync

Increase Productivity

By seamlessly connecting your computer to the robust collaboration tools offered in Onehub Workspaces you can more productively and efficiently work with people inside and outside your firewall.

Effortless Collaboration

When other members of your workspace use Onehub sync, you’ll automatically receive their changes as well. Everyone in the workspace always has the most up-to-date versions of files.

Work Offline

Access and work on your files even when you’re offline. Any changes you make will be tracked and synced with your workspaces the next time you are online.

Learn more about Onehub Sync.