Share Files with Confidence

As you all know, Onehub is an online file sharing solution that helps businesses securely share and control files in the cloud. There are other companies that do this type of thing too. You may have heard of at least one….box, something? Well, we recently did a full on review of the big players in our space and found some pretty interesting things.

We found that most document sharing solutions do similar things and all do them pretty well. We all securely store big data files, let you share folders and files with other people, access your files from multiple devices, and most are pretty easy to set up and use.

The biggest difference we found was around permissions settings. It seems that online file sharing solutions differ widely when it comes to features within the platform that enable users to control what files are shared and with whom. Check it out:

Onehub Features Matrix

Onehub doesn’t just help users share folders or files. Unlike other file sharing solutions, we enable users to set specific access and edit permissions that provide confident control of their information.

These granular permissions include:

  •   Folder and file sharing based on role, task, and many other dimensions, ensuring your data stays private
  •   Powerful document rights management, user agreements and watermarking to prevent misuse
  • Sophisticated tracking and admin notification that report every event from views and downloads to edits and comments

Of course, there are many other differences between Onehub and the other online file sharing solutions—including our great UI, competitive pricing, the ability to customize Onehub for your brand, and other key items—but we believe one of the biggest is that with Onehub you can rest assured that your file sharing will be on your terms.

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