MossWarner Talks About Why They Love Onehub

During a recent interview for a Onehub case study we had an opportunity to talk with Marcy Kalina, vice president of MossWarner, about how they use online file sharing. MossWarner is a full-service marketing communications company that has been a Onehub customer since 2008. Like many companies, MossWarner has to deal with gigabyte hungry videos and multi-megabyte print files on a daily basis. They were running out of storage and didn’t know what to do.

At Onehub, we’ve seen this scenario play out again and again. Companies max out their storage and then have to ask associates to delete files they don’t need. This costs the company time and money. When you multiply that times hundreds of clients, freelancers, and vendors that access MossWarner’s data from around the world, there is no doubt that it’s a big problem. We’re talking about constant file sharing, all day every day.

To help resolve this issue, MossWarner switched their plan from team to business and now has unlimited storage. Now they don’t have to worry about having their associates do file maintenance.

Of course, with unlimited storage space comes the concern of security. Files stay at Onehub indefinitely, so there is built-in security with Onehub. MossWarner deals with a lot of confidential info, and Onehub’s secure file sharing allows them to easily set up custom workspaces and manage security at a folder and file level.

For above and beyone security, in Onehub each client of MossWarner gets their own branded workspace for receiving and storing project files like photos, logos, video, and more. They use the thumbnail views for an easy way to flip through files. They can send password-protected links to only those people who are supposed to get them. Since MossWarner has purchased a white label feature, it enables them use their own domain name for their portal. This way clients only see MossWarner instead of Onehub in the URL for their own client portal.

“I love how quickly we can set up custom client workspaces,” says Kalina. “It delights our clients to have their own area and provides special value to them.”

Any time a new item is posted to a workspace, associates can easily set role permissions so that only invited users see what MossWarner wants them to see. This can be accessed to a workspace, folders, files, comments, download ability, and more.

“It takes us a few extra seconds to think about each posting,” says Kalina, “but the fact that we can protect certain folders and files within an entire workspace gives us a lot of control and flexibility. And the drag-and-drop feature to upload files is awesome—very easy to use.”

Kalina also likes how Onehub helps them easily maintain their accounts in projects. Whether it is storage, workspaces, access levels, or project activity, “I can see all permissions and actions taking place within the workspaces, and I can tell when a client has downloaded a file.” They even have the ability to audit these actions and to hide workspace activity from unauthorized access.

MossWarner looked at different file sharing companies before making the decision to go with Onehub 5 years ago. As their company has grown, Onehub has grown with them, providing secure file sharing with unlimited storage for a winning combination.