Onehub Tech Updates – August 2013

August has been a productive month at Onehub for our design and development teams. We improved Onehub performance, enhanced our Google Drive functionality, and even upgraded support. Check it out:

Performance Optimizations

This behind-the-scenes update brings speed improvements of up to 15%.

Google Drive Edit from list view

This week we introduced a minor feature with big benefits. When viewing your files in list view, try hovering over the three dots on the right. If you have Google Drive connected to your account, you will see a nice “Edit” button. Clicking “Edit” lets you jump straight into editing any document compatible with Google Drive. The addition of “Rename” and “Delete” to this menu makes these actions easier to find and use.

24/7 Support is here

We are very excited to announce that we have added 24/7 phone support to all accounts on our Business plan for no additional cost.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into what we are working on next month!