Secure File Sharing for Your Business

Securing your company’s files is every employee’s responsibility. In this blog post, we’ll cover a variety of traditional methods for sharing files, pros and cons for each method, and how Onehub can help you share more securely.


For many people, email can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s truly wonderful to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, this freedom can make things dangerous when it comes to sharing files. If someone attaches a file to an email (i.e. your company’s client list), you have no control over or insight into what happens to it after they hit the send button.

Many times this type of security breach goes unnoticed. With Onehub, you can control who has access to the files and if they are allowed to download files. You can make files view-only if needed so people only have the level of access you want.

Stolen Devices and Data

Stolen devices can lead to stolen data if you keep files on your local hard drive or mobile device. With Onehub, your files are stored in the cloud and if a device is stolen, the thief cannot access them without the appropriate password. The device can be replaced and work can continue as usual.

File Servers

It wasn’t that many years ago when file servers were the primary location of most company files. While they are still popular, there are many things to consider if you’re going to share files over the Internet. You have to make sure that your server is fully protected and that all of your security patches are up-to-date. Specifically, you must maintain a firewall with the proper settings and monitor it to make sure you’re not having any breaches in security. Some companies are great at making sure this is done properly, but for many companies service management can be an undertaking.

With the Onehub public cloud file sharing solution, all of this is done for you. Onehub handles the firewalls and makes sure they are set up properly. We stay up-to-date with security patches and make sure that only the appropriate people have rights to your files. Additionally, users outside of your company will not have to install complex FTP software in order to access your files.

Data Encryption

While you may need to encrypt data when sending it via email or even storing it on your local hard drive, Onehub users don’t need to encrypt data when sharing files. Data encryption can be very cumbersome, as it requires that everyone have the proper decryption software along with the security keys to decrypt files. In Onehub, files are encrypted as they are uploaded and then stay encrypted while stored. When you share a file with someone, a copy of that file is de-encrypted as it is requested by the individual accessing the file.

So, as you can see we’ve worked really hard to make secure online file sharing easy. Rest assured that we’ll continue to innovate and develop ways to protect to your data in every situation.