Tap into the insights of our Activity Report

Technology lets us keep track of every minute detail of our lives. How many steps we take, the hours we sleep, how many calories we consume. By tracking things, we can get a bigger picture of our overall well-being.

It’s the same idea with Onehub’s Activity Report feature. By providing you a log of every event that happens in your account: What files are uploaded, by whom, who has accessed them and when, what was done with the files, etc., you get a better sense of your overall file sharing.

Our Activity Report also helps you understand how people are using your data — and in some cases, can help you make better business decisions in ways that might not immediately come to mind.

For example. Let’s say you are a startup looking to raise funding. You convert a Onehub Workspace into a Data Room and place your due diligence there. You share that information with a host of potential investors.

First, with the Activity Report, you would see which investors were accessing your content, so you have a sense of who is most interested. This gives you a better sense of which investors are more engaged with what you are sharing.

Second, you can see which documents are most interesting to your users. In this example, you could see which bits of due diligence are getting downloaded the most to see what is important to the investors.

Activity Reports are easy to generate, and we have an entire support article to walk you through it. (Though walking through those steps won’t burn any calories.)