Onehub launches Marshal, a free tool to help you know what you’re sharing

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One thing I know about breaking news is to not bury the lead. So I’ll go ahead and announce right now that today Onehub officially launched Marshal, a new data loss prevention (DLP) tool aimed at the SMB and mid-market.

Meet Marshal
Every business should know exactly what it’s sharing. This is why we created Marshal to be a fast, easy way for companies of any size to uncover sensitive data exposed and unprotected in their cloud.

Marshal is a web-based scanner that sifts through your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Onehub accounts. Within minutes, Marshal locates exposed Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers — and it will tell you whether those files are being shared or have public links enabled.

Know what you’re sharing
I co-founded Onehub to be an enterprise file storage and sharing service for the SMB and mid-market in 2007. Back then, cloud-based enterprise file storage was in its infancy. Both the cloud market and Onehub have grown steadily over the past 9 years. Onehub had its biggest year in 2016 serving more than 65,000 companies and 1.6 million active business users on our platform.

As our customer base has grown, so too has the amount of data they store in the cloud. An explosion in the number of files and folders not just on our service, but across cloud providers means an unprecedented amount of data being stored and shared online.

And those files are being shared with more and more people. Perhaps too many people. A recent Quartz article summed it up best with “Companies have no idea how many contractors they have and it’s a huge security risk.” Between contractors, vendors, and even ex-employees, sensitive data could accidentally be shared with third parties you don’t know or have forgotten about.

The number of files stored in the cloud and the number of people with access to that information will continue to grow, increasing the risks of exposing sensitive data. Now more than ever, companies need a way to easily understand what they are sharing. Onehub’s mission is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the best tools to share and secure their business data — so we built Marshal.

A simple DLP solution
There are a number of enterprise DLP applications in the market — but almost all of them are designed for large enterprises. Most DLP tools are either a subset of a larger security suite, require an in-depth installation, or ask you you schedule and sit through a lengthy sales demo before you can try them.

We wanted to create a service that any business could use immediately. With Marshal, anyone can visit, authorize it to connect to their cloud file sharing service and run a scan. In minutes Marshal provides a secure, sanitized report outlining exposed sensitive data stored in your files and whether those files are still being shared.

There is no software to install, no sales pressure, and no need to wait. Marshal is free to use and is available as a public beta today.

This is just the beginning for Marshal. In the coming weeks and months you’ll be able to scan more cloud services to uncover a greater number of different data threat types.

Try Marshal today and be sure to sign up to receive updates and to give us feedback!