Only the Best File Sharing Service Providers Have These Features – 2019 Checklist

Choosing a file sharing service isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. But when you’re overwhelmed by the number of providers, procrastination can set in. Before you know it, months have gone by without taking a step towards implementing online document sharing in your business.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of online document sharing, look for a service with the following features, only the best business file sharing providers have them.

Storage Features

When you manage your own file storage, you feel like you’re in control. Many business owners are surprised to discover all the benefits that come along with switching to a file sharing service. They feel as if they have more control than ever over their filing system.

Look for providers that feature drag and drop uploading so you can move your files in just one step. The best file sharing platform simulate your existing folder-based organization setup, so you don’t have to reinvent the storage wheel.

Move, copy, and search features should be standard as well. If you come across a service that leaves you frustrated with how you can store, access, and edit your files, move on to the next.

Sharing Features

Sharing capabilities are one of the best advantages of cloud storage. Anyone with the proper credentials can access folders or files from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it easy to share and collaborate with coworkers, contract workers, and clients, no matter their geographical location.

When choosing a provider, look for advanced sharing capabilities. For each file, you should be able to regulate who can view, download, or edit its content. Look for a feature that allows you to invite users to specific folders or files through links and emails. As the file owner, you should have the ability to easily grant, revoke, or modify access as needed. When it comes to sharing features, make sure that you have continuous control over who can access what.

Security Features

One of the biggest data storage myths holding business owners back from making the switch to online file sharing is the fear of poor security. There are certainly services out there that don’t take data security seriously. But the best digital file sharing services understand that security is arguably the most important feature they provide.

When searching for the best file sharing platform, look for security features such as role-based permissions, audit trails, session timeouts, and two-factor authentication. These features keep you in control of who can view, download, and print files. Audit trails let you see who has accessed files and what they did with the data.

For added security, session timeouts prevent the wrong eyes from seeing confidential information while additional features like complex password policies and two-factor authentication help protect your business, employees, and clients.

Preview Features

Having the ability to view previews directly in your browser without having to download or open additional software is an appreciated feature many business owners don’t think to look for. File sharing software providers without preview capabilities waste the time and resources of their clients.

You should also make sure your chosen provider offers a wide selection of supported file types within its preview features, so you’re not limited in your viewing capabilities.

Collaboration Features

The ability to collaborate through virtual files is a must-have feature. The best file sharing services don’t complicate collaboration. They offer commenting options, messaging capabilities, and activity tracking.

Notifications are another great feature to look for. Whether you’re working with one team member or a dozen, everyone can have a voice that’s equally heard with strong collaboration features.

Customization Features

The best cloud data storage provides all the services and features you need while also staying out of the limelight.

Look for customization features that enable you to upload your company logo, create color schemes, construct branded emails, and secure custom domains. For a truly seamless experience, look for the option to add white label support to your account.

Data Room Features

Data rooms give you full control over your files and who interacts with them. If you have a series of files that need to be viewed by multiple parties, you can allow participants access to the content without them ever coming into contact with each other.

Look for data room features that help you set up workspaces with automatic file deletion to protect your files and company.

Client Portal Features

If your business can benefit from the convenience and additional security client portals provide, you’ll want to look for a couple features from your provider. The first is embedded sign in forms. These allow validated users to access files directly from your web page for convenience and professionalism.

Another feature to look for is a dashboard. This creates a welcoming and encouraging online environment for wary clients. Finally, the ability to temporarily freeze projects and their associated files protects data while keeping them within reach for when they’re needed again.

Have You Found the Best File Sharing Service?

It’s always recommended to thoroughly explore and vet possible data file sharing service providers. But if the idea of working through this checklist seems like it’s too much, we have good news.

Onehub provides all these features and more. To see if they’re the best business file sharing service for you, schedule your free trial or work with a representative to decide which features are most important for your business.