Real solutions for real estate agents

For busy real estate agents in Seattle, a virtual data room will help you share information with several people while keeping all parties anonymous. Agents can store secure and sensitive documents within the virtual data room and only give permission to certain individuals to access that information.  

A virtual data room is perfect for a busy real estate agent that has multiple bids on a hot piece of Seattle real estate. The listing and the property information can be shared with all of the bidders without them knowing each other or that the information is being shared. Activating a virtual data room with Onehub is easy, secure, convenient, and cost-effective.  

We actually serve a ton of real estate firms, both commercial and residential because of the efficiencies Onehub enables. If you’re a real estate agent, here are just a few of the ways we can help you save time and money: 

A Virtual Data Room Can Help You Save Time and Money 

      • Securely store files: Keep all the relevant reports, photos and any other paperwork associated with the house in a Onehub Workspace. Our bank-level security means your documents are safe and accessible to your clients whenever they need them. Plus, our advanced permissions means you can limit a client’s interaction precisely how you’d like. 
      • Streamline communication: Use our Tasks and Comments feature to keep all your communication around a particular listing within Onehub — eliminating the need to track down questions or answers across different IM and email threads.
      • Create a Virtual Data Room: If you find a listing you think might appeal to many different parties, create a Virtual Data Room. It’s a central place where you can share the same information to multiple people, without them knowing about each other. Perfect for accepting multiple bids.  

And that’s just to get you started. Onehub also offers Custom AgreementsAutomatic WatermarkingCustomization options and so much more. 

Whether you’re in Seattle or St. Louis, Onehub makes selling and buying easier for real estate agents. Contact Onehub today to learn more about setting up and activating your virtual data room for a safe and easy real estate data storage solution.  

Image by Garrett Parker.

Case study: Onehub Data Rooms shine for UK Solar Assets


Data Rooms are great for projects that require extra layers of privacy like startup fundraising or bid collecting. But one of the first lessons in writing is “show, don’t tell,” so rather than tell you about Data Rooms again, we thought we’d show you how UK Solar Assets is using them to build multi-million dollar solar farms in Europe.

Building a solar farm is not a simple project. It requires experts from many different fields, months of research and investors who need to conduct thorough due diligence. UK Solar Assets selected Onehub’s Data Room solution because of its powerful toolset and straightforward pricing. We just launched a case study on UK Solar Assets that lays out more details, but here are some high level takeaways.

By using Onehub Data Rooms, UK Solar Assets:

Saved money – branding options and customization tools slashed web development costs.

Increased productivity – with strict role-based permissions, the company had better version control and reduced redundancies.

Enhanced communication – by integrating Onehub directly into its site, UK Solar Assets streamlined the collaboration process for all its partners.

We’re happy that Onehub’s Data Room solution help UK Solar Assets with their sustainable energy mission. Visit our Customers page to see how other world-class companies like the Seattle Seahawks, Limeade and Meetup use Onehub to get more done.

Onehub CEO explains the advantages of data rooms

We’ve written before about the benefits of Onehub data rooms. From enhanced security to increased privacy, data rooms can help you close deals faster.

Rather than write another post on the subject, we decided to let Onehub co-founder and CEO, Charles Mount explain directly why data rooms can be so powerful.

All Onehub plans come with a free 14-day trial, so you can set up your own data room and see for yourself today.