Edmunds puts the brakes on meetings (like us!)

We were tickled to read a Wall Street Journal article about how Edmunds.com has instituted a reduced meetings policy (subscription required). Dubbed “Thinking Thursdays,” it’s an attempt by the car website to restrict the number of hours spent in meetings and free up creativity. To that we say, welcome to the club!

As our CEO wrote last year, Onehub is pretty aggressive in limiting the number of formal meetings we hold. Too often they are a time waster, and we can get more done by:

  • Operating lean, thereby reducing layers of management
  • Using fantastic collaboration tools like Slack (and — ahem — Onehub)
  • Having an open floor plan that facilitates efficient communication across teams

If you and your business are stuck in a never-ending cycle of meetings, consider scheduling some of them for the first of never. It could free up not just your time, but your mind as well.

How my startup minimizes meetings

onehub_meeting_roomI have a reputation for being direct among my employees. With that in mind I won’t bury the lead and come right out to say — most meetings are a huge waste of time and I actively encourage everyone at Onehub to build great products without them.

I’m not talking about one-on-ones or a weekly update, but rather the lumbering, overpopulated meetings that tend to cram up the average worker’s calendar. By one estimate, unnecessary meetings waste $37 billion a year in the U.S., and 47 percent of average meeting attendees said meetings were their top time waster at the office.  

To fight off meeting fatigue, here’s how I keep everyone on the Onehub team productive without bogging down their days. Continue reading