Using Onehub as a Sharepoint Alternative

Microsoft Sharepoint is now used by the vast majority of enterprise companies. Sharepoint is a powerful solution for building Intranet applications and has grown to become Microsoft’s fastest growing server product. However, Sharepoint is often overkill for small and medium business users and has significant challenges when sharing data and collaborating outside your company.

Onehub provides a powerful, easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint.

When should I use Onehub instead of Sharepoint? Not in every case. If you are building a custom web application or running an company-wide Intranet in a large organization, Sharepoint is the right solution for you. If you are building a client extranet, collaborating with partners, building an Intranet for a department or small business, then Onehub is easier to use, lower cost and much quicker to implement.

Key Benefits of Onehub Compared to Sharepoint

Easy to Use – Onehub does not require a manual or 500 page book to learn. Our service is designed for the business user with the goal of being fun to use while making you more productive.

Setup in Minutes – Onehub is on-demand and you can setup a secure workspace and share with others in minutes. There is no software to install and you can access Onehub from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Drag-and-Drop Customization – Customizing your workspace with drag-and-drop tools and add features with Onehub Widgets. Onehub’s design tools makes it easy to customize a secure workspace to meet your needs without writing a line of code.

Collaborate Outside Your Firewall – Onehub is web application not an Intranet application. We make is easy to invite users, regardless of where they work and control permissions through roles, without any IT involvement.

Affordable Monthly Plans – Onehub is free for the first 30 days and service plans start at just $19 per month. There is no hardware or software to install and you can cancel at any time.

Try Onehub for yourself and see why PC World described Onehub as "All the power of Sharepoint, without the complexity".