View Workspace As…

Onehub Workspaces uses a role-based permission system to control access to files and information. The role is set when the user is invited and can be changed at any time by an Administrator or Moderator. One of the challenges with role-based permissions, is viewing the information you are sharing as a different role. This is now easy in Workspaces with the new View Workspaces As feature.

How it Works

When sharing a Workspace, folder or file, you select the role of the user you are inviting. Next to the role drop-down are two icons, Help and View As.

Screen shot of the share interface

When you select View As, your view is replaced using the permissions of the role you selected. The top Onehub bar is replaced with a Preview Bar. To return to the normal view, click the X icon in the top right to exit preview mode.

Screen Shot of Workspace

Available Roles

Note: All roles inherit the permissions of the roles below them.

  • Administrator. Can edit the Workspace pages, modify the logo and colors, and modify the Workspace security settings.
  • Moderator. Can upload, edit and delete any file or folder. Can invite other users to the Workspace, invite users to a file and folder, create secure links, and edit all comments in the Workspace.
  • Creator. Can view previews, print, and download files. Can upload files to a folder or Workspace and delete folders and files they created. Can view and add comments to files, folders and messages. Can post Messages to a Workspace.
  • Downloader. Can view previews, print and download files. Cannot view or add comments to items.
  • Printer. Can view previews and print but cannot download files. Cannot view or add comments to items.
  • Viewer. Can view previews of files but cannot print or download files. Cannot view or add comments to items.

Have Questions? You can read more about role-based permission on the Onehub Help site.