Introducing Document Watermarks

Uploading and sharing confidential information can be scary. What if the information is leaked? How do I prevent people from downloading and distributing confidential documents? These are all important questions to consider when sharing confidential documents. Today we are announcing a new Document Watermark feature to give you more control over your information and provide a way to track documents after they are downloaded.

Document Watermarks automatically insert a Watermark with the user’s email, date and the word Confidential when a user views the document online or downloads. If a user has download permission, the user will download a protected PDF that includes the Watermark. Administrators and Moderators will still have access to the original documents.

Viewing Documents Online

When viewing documents in a Workspace with Watermarks enabled, the file preview automatically displays a watermark on every page.

Sample Document with Watermark

Downloading Documents

When downloading documents, the user gets a protected PDF with the watermark instead of the original file. Administrators and Moderators in the Workspace can download the original file without a watermark.

Sample of downloaded document with watermark

How do I enable Watermarks?

To enable Watermarks in your Workspace, click the Settings icon in the top right next to the Workspace name. Choose the Security area, and click Enable Document Watermarks.

The Document Watermark feature is available starting today on the Team and Enterprise Edition plans. Learn more about Document Watermarks on our Help site.