Introducing Advanced Permissions

Onehub allows you to organize files into Workspaces and folders, and control access by inviting people to certain items. However, many of our customers have requested additional flexibility in the way that they share their sensitive data with other people.

Imagine that as the marketing director of Coffee House Co., I would like to solicit bids for a logo redesign. Thomas from Whiz Bang Studios and Alice from Acme Design Collective are both going to be submitting bids for this job, and they both need access to the same folder containing visual assets and style guides. They also each need their own folder where they can upload their proposals, works in progress, and receive additional documents not intended for the other designer.

Since I’m the Administrator, I need to be able to see everything in the Workspace, and it would also be great to see some indication when folders are hidden by default.

As the administrator of the Workspace, all folders are visible

Thomas and Alice, on the other hand, only see their respective folders.

Thomas’s view is on top, Alice’s is shown below.

Notice that both Thomas and Alice see a helpful icon to alert them to the fact that they have increased privileges in their folders.

In addition to being able to hide folders after they’ve been created, we also added a switch to hide them right when they’re created, so that Creators and below won’t see any activity pertaining to the folder, until they’re given explicit access.

We’ve worked hard on these new features, and hope that you find them useful. Click here to head to our support site for more detailed information, as well as examples of some common security scenarios.

One thought on “Introducing Advanced Permissions

  1. This will be great to allow social media bods to access a folder where we can drop snippets of our project to feed the social media machines. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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