Time Saving Tips for Your Workday

Like most companies, at Onehub we’re focused on improving productivity and saving time. We hope this actionable list will help you get more out of each day.

Post It Priorities
Every morning, write down your top 2 to 3 highest priority tasks that must get done today. Put them on a sticky note and post it in plain sight (on your desk, monitor, etc.). These notes will help you focus on what is important.

Productive Times
We all have times throughout the day when we are more focused and alert than others. Keep these times in mind and make sure you use them to focus on your high priority tasks.

Block Off Time
Schedule a block of time. Turn off (or ignore) your email, shut down Facebook and Twitter, and let your phone go to voicemail. This is your allotted time to be productive and get things done.

Communicate Clearly During Collaboration
When collaborating with team members on projects it is critical to be clear and communicate well. This will reduce back and forth time and enable team members to take action immediately on your comments and tasks.

Filter Your Email!
Create folders (or tags) for different types of business emails and then create filters that assign new emails to folders. You’ll be amazed how much time it will save when you can read lower priority emails at low productivity times instead of when it arrives.

We hope you find our time saving tips useful.