New Horizon Security Services Chooses Onehub


New Horizon Security Services (NHSS) knew they needed a better way of sharing files amongst 400+ employees scattered across the state of Virginia. The family-owned business has four offices statewide. NHSS provides armed and unarmed security for government agencies, shopping malls, and private companies.

Kate Painter, the Communications and Public Relations Specialist, was nice enough to engage in a case study with us that explores why they choose to switch to Onehub from their existing file sharing software.

“We like Onehub a lot around here,” says Painter. “It gives us a central point to go to for sharing files and ensures people have access in the right ways. It’s convenient, quick, simple, and effective for everyone.”

NHSS: Onehub Power User

NHSS tried a few other solutions for secure online file sharing, but they didn’t meet their needs. Eventually, they tried Onehub and found it to be easier to use with more of the capabilities to closely manage who can share their files and to what extent. These included tightly controlled file access, file usage monitoring, the ability to view files without downloading, customizable client portals, and enhanced security.

NHSS uses Onehub for their client portal needs. This allows employees to easily access files, forms, centralized benefits info, company updates, newsletters, links to online timesheets, training info, and more. NHSS employees use the portal to assign tasks to their colleagues and for online file sharing.

With hundreds of files uploaded to the Onehub client portal, NHSS is happy to be using Onehub. As Painter puts it, “It seems like it’s been here forever now, so often do we use it. It’s easy, customizable, and a great communications tool.”

Onehub’s Secure Online File Sharing

NHSS is able to control access to the people that use their Onehub workspaces.  For example, management teams are able to post tasks and comments on files, and they can control whether added users are only able to view or print files. Client invoices have limited access rights and other files are locked down to prevent any type of unauthorized alteration.

“Being able to limit Onehub’s functions to certain users or files helps us keep things private or make them public as we need,” says Painter.

New horizons security services has grown to depend on Onehub to help them run their business. Onehub has become an integral part of NHSS in that each new employee is required to learn Onehub as part of their orientation. This shows the strong partnership between the two companies. Check out the case study to learn more.