Real-time Updates for Files and Folders

Our development team has been working hard to add real-time functionality to Onehub. Today, we’re excited to announce our first round of real-time updates!

Starting today, any time you create, upload, rename, or delete a folder/file it will happen in real-time. When new files are added to a folder, those files will instantly slide in to everyone’s view with a slight yellow tint, making them easy to spot.


Often times, multiple users in a Workspace will make changes to files and folders at the same time. One user might be adding files to the same folder that another user just deleted files from. In another scenario, you may have just renamed a folder that your coworker is trying to find. Adding real-time functionality prevents these kinds of disruptions by ensuring that everyone in a Workspace always has the most up-to-date information. No more refreshing your browser window to see if something has changed!

We hope these updates improve usability, help collaboration feel more natural, and make for a much smoother Onehub experience overall. If you have any feedback, including requests for our next round of real-time updates, send us a tweet @onehub or email