A tale of two “hubs”

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter “e.”

There’s a saying my old boss used to tell me. “When an elephant jumps in the water, everyone gets wet.” It’s fair to say that in just about any technology sense, Google is an elephant. Earlier this week that elephant — well, did more of a hop than a full-on jump, and we are getting spritzed.

Google unveiled OnHub, billed as “a router for the new way to wi-fi.”

Something about that name stood out to all of us here who work at “Onehub.” Namely, how important a single letter can become.

We love Google and integrate the Google Docs directly into our collaboration tools. And, at least initially, there appears to be some confusion as we’ve been receiving a boost in traffic to this blog via Google search. The top two viewed articles were “Connecting your Google account to Onehub is as simple as A-B-C” and “Create and edit files from Onehub with Google Drive.”

We’re not sure what the venn diagram is of our respective audiences are — but if you’ve arrived here looking for a router, may we tell you about the best enterprise file storage and sharing service on the market?