BankTEL streamlines sales process with Onehub Custom Agreements

Having a clean, straightforward sales lead process is critical for any growing company. At financial software company, BankTEL, the sales lead process used to be complicated because of compliance issues. Then the company discovered Onehub and our Custom Agreements feature, and now BankTEL’s sales lead process has been streamlined, leading to faster deal flow.

BankTEL provides potential customers with its due diligence — documents outlining security and other important features of BankTEL’s service. But before potential customers can read through those due diligence documents, they must first sign an NDA.

The process for getting NDAs signed used to be complicated, involving multiple lines of communication, email attachments, scanning and a password protected site.

By using Onehub, BankTEL was able to set up a centralized data room to house all their due diligence files. ByBankTel was then able to automate the NDA acceptance by using Onehub’s Custom Agreement feature. Now any potential client must first actively accept BankTEL’s NDA terms before accessing any of the company’s due diligence.

You can read all about how BankTEL saved time and resources in our newest case study. If you are interested in learning more about how Onehub Custom Agreements can work for you, contact our support team at