Exhorting the use of exporting lists

We rotate working the weekend support desk here at Onehub, as it gives everyone a chance to interact with customers and learn how they are using our product. I recently pulled a weekend shift and got a request for how to export a list of files and folders in a Workspace.

It’s a feature that’s easy to explain, and one that’s probably useful to a lot of people with expansive Workspaces, so I thought I’d share the answer here. And, while we’re on the subject of exporting lists, now seems like a good time to throw in how to export a list of users as well.

To Export a List of Files and Folders in a Workspace
First, only Administrators on the Workspace can export the file hierarchy list. So if you don’t have the proper permissions, share this post with the appropriate person.

Sign into Onehub and navigate to the desired Workspace and click on the Settings icon (the wrench and screwdriver) next to the name of the Workspace.

Next click on the “Export” tab, then click the “Export” button and an Excel file with the list will be emailed to you.

To Export a List of Users on an Account
Note that this feature is only available to the Onehub Account Administrator. To get a complete rundown of all the users currently on your account, click on the “Users” tab in Onehub.

From there, click “Export Users” and a .csv file will be emailed to you listing users’ name, email, last access date, workspaces, and role they were assigned for that workspace (if they don’t have access to a Workspace, they will have no role assigned to them).

You can always check our support page to answer most of your questions about using Onehub. Or, if you submit a ticket on the right weekend, I’ll be happy to help.