File Encryption Makes Mobile Business Apps a Safe Bet

What is file encryption?

Encrypting business files is a critical practice that protects sensitive company data from unauthorized users. The process involves an encryption algorithm that processes a file’s data, turning it from plaintext (accessible to anyone) into ciphertext (requires a password or decryption key). Encrypted files are extremely difficult for unauthorized users to decipher so your business is less likely to experience a data breach.  

The average data breach costs companies $3.92 million. That’s a hefty price to pay for an incident that’s easily avoidable with proper security practices. Choosing mobile software that can protect your files with encryption is a wise investment.

File encryption may sound daunting, but it’s more of a “set it and forget it” measure. With software such as Onehub, file encryption and decryption for authorized users is automatic. These processes don’t require any technical know-how, and they’re not additional steps that you and your employees have to remember. You can share business files confidently, knowing they won’t be intercepted by any unsavory characters. 

Benefits of mobile business apps 

Saves money

Imagine you’re at a professional development training, and you receive a phone notification from your Onehub file share app. It’s a client who wants to change direction on a project you know your team is currently working on. With the app, you can quickly distribute an encrypted file with the new specifications to your whole team, saving them countless hours of wasted effort. Those hours directly translate to money saved for your company (not to mention saving your workers’ sanity). 

This type of scenario is standard in today’s business world. Being able to quickly adapt to a project’s changing landscape enables your company to save money while outperforming less tech savvy competitors.

Boosts productivity

A huge portion of the workforce now consists of individuals who grew up with the latest technology at their fingertips. For them, secure file sharing apps and other business technology isn’t a “nice to have” benefit. It’s a requirement for them to complete their work confidently and efficiently. 

More than 70% of workers today expect employers to provide a level of technology that’s on par with what they use in their personal lives. Dynamic Signal, a business communications provider, explains that using mobile business software “engages workers on their terms, so they feel more connected, more informed, and can do their jobs more effectively.” 

Employees with secure file sharing apps such as Onehub’s can react to important work updates in real-time no matter where they are. On-the-go access and device flexibility is key to keeping your team productive. 

Reduces turnover

By 2025, the Millennial generation will represent approximately 75% of the global workforce, and these tech-savvy workers pass harsh judgment on employers that don’t embrace new technologies. 

In the book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success, author Dan Schawbel explains the connection between technology and employee retention. He says, “Companies that … limit mobile device choices will have trouble recruiting and/or retaining Millennials.” He also reveals that 33% of workers would choose device flexibility and social media freedom over a higher salary. 

Companies that embrace technology and encourage mobile device use will have no problem retaining employees, and a low turnover rate has huge benefits. It allows you to develop an experienced team that works together well, and it saves a small fortune by avoiding the nonstop hiring and training cycle that comes with high turnover. 

Investing in mobile technology for the workplace will pay significant dividends, but it has to be done right. That means keeping data security top of mind and ensuring that whatever apps you choose will protect your business files by encrypting data both in transit and at rest. Encrypting mobile files for storage or secure file sharing opens up a new level of business opportunities. 

File encryption on mobile apps keeps business data safe

Nearly 60% of employees think their organizations are behind the times when it comes to providing business apps. When employees aren’t given authorized business apps to use when accessing cloud data or sharing digital files, they don’t simply stop using their smartphones for work. Instead, they choose apps on their own. 

Seventy-one percent of employees spend over two hours each week accessing company information on mobile devices. If you don’t have a vetted app for them to use, they’re spending those two hours working in an app that may not be secure. This puts your company’s confidential files in serious jeopardy.

Securing business files is as crucial on smartphones and tablets as it is on a laptop. Over half of your employees likely conduct some level of business using their smartphones, but reports show that many people aren’t aware of how vulnerable their devices are. In fact, only 42% of Android devices have current security updates, meaning their phones do not have up-to-date protection from cyber attacks.   

When introducing employees to a mobile app for file sharing or other business activities, it’s important to educate them about mobile security. This doesn’t have to be anything in depth, but they should be aware that it’s essential they only use company-approved work apps and that they promptly install any new security updates on their devices. 

Companies that are proactive in supplying business apps to workers have the opportunity to evaluate the security practices of different providers and select the one that best meets their needs. Take control of your company’s data security by offering employees a designated app for safely sharing files and collaborating with colleagues. 

Onehub’s mobile file share apps offer everything your business needs

Onehub’s robust mobile apps for iOS, Android, and iPad provide the level of secure technology your employees want and your business needs. Bank-level encryption is the standard protocol for all of our apps. Your business files are encrypted both in transit and at rest. Role-based permissions and audit trails offer additional protection, ensuring that your data is always safe. 

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch security features and productivity tools. Our powerful software enables you to upload, share, or edit documents, and real-time synchronization across devices means everyone on the team is always viewing up-to-date files. Messaging, viewing files, inviting new users, and commenting on documents are just a few other ways our apps make workplace collaboration easier. 

Sign up today for our free 14-day trial and enjoy all the benefits of on-the-go secure file access and productivity tools.