67 Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Work More Efficiently [Windows and macOS]

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Finding new ways to work faster and more efficiently is a top goal for most employees. There’s no shortage of work productivity tips available online, but most of them focus on ways to manage your time better or improve your focus. That’s helpful information, but it does require some personal effort and discipline to reap the benefits. 

Sometimes you want something fast and easy to help you. How about a productivity tip that just involves pressing some buttons? 

Keyboard shortcuts are keys or a series of keys that prompt a program to perform a specific action. For example, ctrl + F is a well-known shortcut that allows you to search a website or document for a keyword. 

There are many lesser known keyboard hacks that can help you work faster. You may not realize it, but every time you move from the keyboard to your mouse, you’re losing precious seconds. Not only do these seconds add up quickly, you’re also breaking your focus each time you make this switch. 

We’ve compiled some of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts for:

  • Navigating Windows and macOS
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Gmail and Outlook
  • Chrome and Firefox Browsers

Once you learn these, they quickly become second nature and enable you to work more efficiently. They’re also great to know for those times when your mouse inevitably dies and you can’t find a battery anywhere.

Keyboard shortcuts to navigate your computer

Create new folderCtrl + shift + NShift + cmd + N
Minimize a windowWindows key + DCmd + M
Close a windowAlt + F4Cmd + W
Open task managerCtrl + shift + escCmd + option + esc
Save fileCtrl + SCmd + S
Open fileCtrl + OCmd + O
Print documentCtrl + PCmd + P
Undo last action Ctrl + ZCmd + Z
Switch between programsAlt + tabCmd + tab

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft programs

The same basic shortcuts that work in Microsoft programs will also work in other programs such as Google Workspace apps. If you’re using a Google app (Docs, Sheets, etc.), press ctrl + / to open the shortcuts window. Check the bottom of the window to see if it has an option to enable compatible shortcuts. If so, toggle this option on.

All Microsoft programs

Open new fileCtrl + NCmd + N
Copy text or graphicCtrl + CCmd + C
Cut text or graphicCtrl + XCmd + X
Paste text or graphicCtrl + VCmd + V
Select all contentCtrl + ACmd + A
Insert a linkCtrl + KCmd + K
Undo/RedoCtrl + Z/YCmd + Z/Y
PrintCtrl + PCmd + P
Bold/italics/underlineCtrl + B/I/UCmd + B/I/U


Undo/RedoCtrl + Z/YCmd + Z/Y
Move one word to the left/rightCtrl + left/right arrowOption + left/right arrow
Move to the start/end of a lineHome/EndCmd + left/right arrow
Move to the start/end of a documentCtrl + home/endCmd + fn + left/right arrow
Extend selection one character to the left/rightShift + left/right arrowShift + left/right arrow
Extend one word to the left/rightCtrl + shift + left/right arrowShift + option + left/right arrow
Extend selection to the beginning/end of a lineShift + home/endCmd + shift + right/left arrow
Extend selection one line up/downShift + up/down arrowShift + up/down arrow
Extend selection to the start/end of a paragraphCtrl + shift + up/down arrowCmd + shift + up/down arrow


Hide selected columnCtrl + 0Up arrow + 0
Hide selected rowCtrl + 9Up arrow + 9
Close workbookCtrl + WCmd + W
Insert new worksheetShift + F11Fn + ctrl + F11
Move selection to the rightTabTab
Move one cell to the leftShift + tabShift + tab
Hide selected columnCtrl + 0Ctrl + 0
Hide selected rowCtrl + 9Ctrl + 9
Minimize workbookCtrl + F9Cmd + M
Insert new worksheetShift + F11Fn + ctrl + F11

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

To enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, click Settings > See all settings and scroll down to keyboard shortcuts. Click “Keyboard shortcuts on.”

Add CCCtrl + shift + CCmd + shift + C
Add BCCCtrl + shift + BCmd + shift + B
Create new email (opens in new window)DD
Send emailTab + enterTab + enter
Add linkCtrl + KCmd + K
Mark as read/unreadShift + J/UShift + I/U
Go to next/previous emailK/JK/J

Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook

Outlook allows you to choose the keyboard shortcuts you want to enable. You can use the Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo shortcuts. The ones listed below are for Outlook. To change your shortcut settings, click the settings icon and type “shortcuts.” Click “Keyboard shortcuts” and then select the style you want to use.

Create a new emailNCmd + N
Send emailCtrl + EnterCmd + return
Reply to messageCtrl + RCmd + R
Insert linkCtrl + KCmd + K
Create new folderCtrl + EShift + Cmd + N
Mark as read/unreadQ/UCmd + T/Shift + Cmd + T
Open email in new windowShift + enterCmd + O


Open new windowCtrl + NCmd + N
Open new tabCtrl + TCmd + T
Move to next/previous tabCtrl + tab/shiftCmd + right/left arrow
Close current tabCtrl + WCmd + W
Close current windowCtrl + shiftCmd + shift + W
Show or hide the bookmarks barCtrl + shift + BCmd + shift + B
Open the downloads page in a new tabCtrl + JCmd + shift + J
Move cursor to the address barCtrl + F5Ctrl + F5
Save current page as bookmarkCtrl + DCmd + D


Open new windowCtrl + NCmd + N
Open new tabCtrl + TCmd + T
Close current tabCtrl + WCmd + W
Close current windowCtrl + shift + WCmd + shift + W
Show/hide the bookmarks barCtrl + BCmd + B
Move cursor to the address barShift + enterShift + return
Save current page as bookmarkCtrl + DCmd + D

Keyboard shortcuts are a simple way to be more productive at work. If you really want to go for the gold, try Onehub’s powerful business software. It will keep you organized and on track no matter how busy work gets. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial.