Archive Your Old Workspaces


We’re excited to announce that you can now archive your Workspaces in Onehub. This is an Account Administrator feature we have been considering for some time and a recent round of customer interviews provided the final pieces of feedback we needed to make it happen.

Has the project you created that Workspace for come to an end? Do you have a Workspace that you use for a recurring client or event? If there are stale Workspaces in your account, here is how you can clean things up for your users. Continue reading

9 Tips to Keep your Networked Computer Safer


Earlier this week the New York Times reported a story on a large scale electronic payment scheme aimed at Brazil. Hundreds of thousands of computers are potentially affected, and it is estimated that the equivalent of billions of dollars have been pilfered. However, you don’t have to be sending “Boletos” to be an appealing target. Any login or credential information you use on your computer is appealing and has potential value to cybercriminals.

With ever-increasing use of personal devices and laptops on networks everywhere, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of information security. For example, just visiting a malicious web site can compromise a vulnerable computer, and enroll it in a botnet. The computer may appear to be functioning normally, but it is serving more than one master. Botnets such as “Kelihos” can install additional malware, which (among other things) can monitor outgoing traffic on well-known email and FTP ports, watching for passwords and other interesting traffic. It can also listen to other computers on the same network segment (depending on the network topology), capturing credentials if they are sent in the clear. These captured credentials are aggregated and sold by whoever is controlling the botnet. Continue reading

Real-time Updates for Files and Folders

Our development team has been working hard to add real-time functionality to Onehub. Today, we’re excited to announce our first round of real-time updates!

Starting today, any time you create, upload, rename, or delete a folder/file it will happen in real-time. When new files are added to a folder, those files will instantly slide in to everyone’s view with a slight yellow tint, making them easy to spot.


Often times, multiple users in a Workspace will make changes to files and folders at the same time. One user might be adding files to the same folder that another user just deleted files from. In another scenario, you may have just renamed a folder that your coworker is trying to find. Adding real-time functionality prevents these kinds of disruptions by ensuring that everyone in a Workspace always has the most up-to-date information. No more refreshing your browser window to see if something has changed!

We hope these updates improve usability, help collaboration feel more natural, and make for a much smoother Onehub experience overall. If you have any feedback, including requests for our next round of real-time updates, send us a tweet @onehub or email

Enterprise File Sharing for Startups


Even though startups may be small, they still need to be able to compete with the big players in their industry. By using an enterprise file sharing like Onehub, startups can look and operate like a big company, while still sleeping stress free at night.

1. Look bigger than a startup

With Onehub, startups can store the large volume of files that are typically generated when starting a new company (from business plans to legal docs). Startups can also share large files, and look just like a large company when doing so with custom branding. Onehub customers can add their own logo and brand colors to their Onehub Workspaces, which are then displayed across the account at sign in, in emails that are sent to account owners and shared uses, and when logged in. In addition, 100% of the “Onehub” brand can be completely removed with Continue reading

Seattle Seahawks Maximize Onehub’s Solutions

SeaHawks Image_sm

Have you ever wondered how professional sports teams share large amounts of digital media? Their needs are somewhat unique because of the size of the files including videos of events, player interviews, scoreboard features and more. When the Seattle Seahawks needed a way to provide quick and efficient access to large media files to outside agencies and media outlets they turned to Onehub for a quick and easy solution.

“We tested a number of file-sharing solutions a few years ago, including enterprise tools with multiple features but wanted something simple that anyone could use quickly,” said Seahawks director of the digital and emerging media Kenton Olson. “We liked Onehub because it was easy to use and manage.” Continue reading

Meet Onehub’s Brooke Turnbull

BrookePicOnehub Support Team Member by Day and Amateur Astronomer by Night!

When you call Onehub support, you might speak with support team member Brooke Turnbull. Besides providing helpful support to our Onehub users, Brooke is also a stargazer. Check it out –

Q – What is it about Space that interests you so much?

A – The vastness of space. It’s like staring into the largest ocean anyone could try to imagine.

Q – What was it that started your interest in the topic of Space?

A – As a kid I was always stargazing. A lot of my family likes to watch the stars so it was just natural.

Q – Were you one of the lucky Continue reading

A Faster, More Intuitive Alternative to FTP


FTP has been around for a while. It allows people to transfer files between their PC and an FTP server. While FTP still works, we think Onehub is a more intuitive FTP alternative for sending and receiving files.

While FTP is powerful, it does have a few drawbacks. In order to use FTP effectively, you need to download, install, and configure an FTP client. This requires both technical knowledge and, at most companies, help from an IT administrator to grant access and make changes to the company network. These extra steps take time when you may need to send or receive files immediately. Once installed, your work is not done. Each time you use FTP, you need to enter Continue reading

Meetup Does Case Study with Onehub

Meetup logo

Recently, our client Meetup, the online social network, was kind enough to talk to us about why security and control in online file sharing is so important to their business.

When Meetup needed a way to share corporate and financial documents securely with shareholders, bankers, advisors, and potential partners, they turned to Onehub. This case study shares the story of why they selected Onehub to handle their secure online file sharing needs. Continue reading