Video: How to set up Google Suggesting Mode

We’ve been conducting a poll with some of our customers, asking them what new features they would like us to add to Onehub.

One customer wrote in asking us to add redline capabilities when editing documents so they can see the exact changes made and who made them.

So to whomever wrote in with that request — today is your lucky day! Because Onehub is tightly integrated with Google Docs, that functionality already exists and customers can use it right now.

To enable redline edits in documents, you need to turn on Google Suggesting mode. Not sure how to do that? OMG, today is your lucky day, too, because we created a video to walk you through the process! Using Suggesting mode is something we recommend as it makes the editing process much more efficient.

Watch the video to learn how!

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Having written thousands of blog posts over the course of my career, I can confirm that the old adage “writing is re-writing” is 100% most definitely real. Whether it’s a colleague suggesting a different take, or me wanting to tighten something up, what I start out writing is rarely there when I finish.

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Redline edits in Onehub with Google Docs


It was sad for me to read about tech news blog Gigaom shutting down last week. I worked there for six and a half years and it was a tremendous experience — and a lot of that was because I had great collaborators and editors who made my writing better.

Writing is re-writing, and when you get good notes from people, it makes the creative process that much better for everyone. So here’s a pro tip for teams working on the same document shared in Onehub: use “Suggesting” in Google Docs and track edits directly in your Workspace.

Switching to Suggesting mode redlines your document, so you can see the exact changes that team members make. Whether it’s removing a word, fixing a typo, or adding a sentence, it’s all there for you to see who made what edits.

Here’s how to use Suggesting: Continue reading