From first draft to last, 3 tools help your writing

Having written thousands of blog posts over the course of my career, I can confirm that the old adage “writing is re-writing” is 100% most definitely real. Whether it’s a colleague suggesting a different take, or me wanting to tighten something up, what I start out writing is rarely there when I finish.

But change is good! That’s why Onehub offers a powerful set of tools including in-line suggestions via Google Docs, version control, and file recovery that unleash a creative and collaborative process.

Because Onehub integrates with Google Docs, you can do redline-style edits in your documents by turning on Suggesting mode. This lets everyone collaborating on your document see any edits made to the document, which can then be accepted or rejected.

There may be times when you come back around to an idea you had originally rejected. That’s why we offer version control. From the Workspace settings window, you can adjust how many versions back you want to keep.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.30.50 PM

As you write and save changes, older versions are kept in Onehub. In the document preview, under the versions tab, you can see a rundown of all the previous versions and their date saved. From here, you can either download or delete the previous version.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.48.26 PM

And speaking of deleting, should someone on your team (or even you), delete a file, folder, or Workspace accidentally, don’t panic! You can contact us up to 30 days after your deletion, and our helpful support staff can help you recover your work.

Writing is never easy, but Onehub can make your re-writing more painless.