Secure Online File Sharing for Schools – At a Discount!

Schools are Moving to the Cloud
There has been a lot of talk recently about schools moving to the cloud. With Onehub, students can download learning materials (documents, videos, lectures, slideshows, etc.) from anywhere, anytime. They can submit work using Onehub’s secure online file sharing to have it graded upon completion.

We have just announced that we are extending our popular 20% non-profit business discount to schools.  This will make it easier for schools to take advantage of our secure online file sharing service, while promoting collaboration among students, faculty, and researchers.

There are several reasons why schools benefit from using Onehub:

  • Schools will saves time and money
  • Students will be able to collaborate with classmates easier
  • Students will be exposed to advanced technology

Save time and money
Funding for schools is a big concern, especially as on-site hardware continues to age and stretch budgets further. By using secure online file sharing, schools can save money on upgrading storage space and hardware.  The new 20% discount to schools from Onehub will make it even more cost-effective to have access to online file sharing.

Collaborate with classmates
Collaboration is key to learning. Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace is essential, and schools must prepare their students for this.  Using Onehub’s secure online file sharing allows students from different continents to work together on projects.  Researchers at neighboring universities can share and edit files seamlessly, regardless of geography.  They can even access files via mobile devices. Onehub ensures security by giving users the ability to set folder and file-level permissions.  This means that only the people who are supposed to have access can get it.  Security is a critical concern with any cloud-based technology, but Onehub’s unique permissions settings give our clients peace of mind.

Exposes students to advanced technology
The future of computing is in the cloud.  Using online secure file sharing helps schools, students, and teachers learn current technology while preparing them for the future. Many schools and businesses are already using cloud computing, and those that don’t transition soon will be left behind.  Onehub gives schools (and businesses) the peace of mind and control needed to make online file sharing work in the world of education.

To learn more about Onehub’s online file sharing 20% discount for schools on the Onehub pricing page.