How to Better Secure Your Data in 2019

With 2019 upon us, many businesses are beginning to consider their data security practices for the new year. Whether your company operates primarily in the online space, or simply uses a secure cloud storage platform to manage and share your business files, data security is incredibly important. In fact, your company’s success could depend on it.  

Utilizing a secure cloud storage system that you can rely on, and taking advantage of other data security measures, can help you better protect your company. Safer systems mean your customer’s data is less likely to be compromised and your clients and business partners can feel more confident trusting you with their sensitive information.  

Protect your company’s online data better in 2019 by becoming aware of several helpful tips when it comes to data security.  

Follow Basic Security Best Practices  

 As new platforms come into existence, and our existing systems become more advanced, it can be easy to forget to stay on top of the basic security measures for your data. Don’t make the mistake of becoming lazy when it comes to your company, or your customers’ important information. These basic data security measures should still be taken in 2019:  

  1. Carefully review the security practices of all your business apps. Thankfully, nowadays most major apps and major websites force traffic over SSL. This encrypts all the traffic from the device, which greatly reduces the risk of a hacker intercepting your data. However, it’s still vital that you do your diligence and ensure every app you use is going over a secure connection and using SSL. Ultimately, every app your team utilizes should be encrypting data in transit and at rest. 
  2. Enforce two-factor authorization when available and ensure everyone in your company uses a secure password manager.  Enforcing two-factor authorization greatly reduces your risk of comprised passwords being used to access your secure data. In addition, password managers make it easy to use complex password that are unique for every app you use. Never store passwords in an unsecured file like an Excel spreadsheet and always avoid using the same password on multiple sites. 
  3. Limit the sharing of confidential data. One of the best ways to do this is to set up internal policies around how and when sensitive data can be shared. This will ensure there is no confusion when it comes to the type of information that is allowed to be shared internally and externally. Having clear, written rules around confidential data ultimately protects everyone interacting with the information.  

Ultimately, being super careful with your company’s data is always worth the extra effort. Don’t leave your data at risk in the new year.  

Beware of Malware 

Unfortunately, Malware is still the biggest security threat in 2019. Although we would love to leave this tip in 2018, the reality is that hackers are only getting more sophisticated with how they install malware, and how they use it to gain unauthorized access to your company’s data. 

To better protect your data against Malware, be sure you’re running only up-to-date software programs, and have a variety of security measures in place for your business’s information. If you haven’t already, it’s time to install security solutions to protect your devices from Malware.  

Additionally, in order to better protect your organization’s information, it’s essential to educate your employees on common hacking techniques and social engineering. This is key to better protecting your company’s data and overall organization.  It will provide them with the basic education they need to recognize any cyber threats or risks. 

Create Internal Policies for Mobile Device Access 

Advanced Security for Mobile Devices 

Over the past few years, it’s become the norm for companies to execute more and more of their business functions via mobile devices. Whether employees work from home, or on the go, being able to access vital business functions on their devices is imperative to get their jobs done. Working from a mobile device may pose challenges to working securely, however. 

So, can you replicate the security functionality that your secure cloud storage system on your desktop offers? Possibly, with the help of more secure logins. As work via mobile device continues to be popular, 2019 will bring better authentication for phones, tablets and more. Things like facial recognition, the use of fingerprint logins and more will become more mainstream in 2019.       

Stay Up to Date on Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Laws 

Becoming GDPR Compliant  

This is the year GDPR compliance is an absolute must. Does your organization understand what this means and are you currently implementing applicable measures? Have you considered all of the new data privacy regulations that may affect how you conduct business online?  

Managing Security for Cloud Apps 

Make 2019 the year you implement workplace policies around using only approved cloud apps across your organization. To better protect your organization’s data, ensuring standardize usage of certain tools is crucial. The good news is that there are many tools that exist already, such as CASB tools, to watch what cloud apps your employees are using and then block access to unsupported apps. 

Make Data Security a Priority in 2019 

Ensuring your data is properly protected in 2019 will be of utmost importance. Regardless of how small or large your team is, or the field you work in, a data breach could paralyze your company and its operations. Being aware of important data security measures like implementing a more secure cloud storage platform, is vital. Also, remembering the most basic data security tips, like unique and complex passwords, will also help protect you. 

If you’re looking for a more secure, easy to use secure cloud storage system, Onehub can help. Our systems offer white-labeling functionality, so your clients can quickly recognize your systems and you always present your information professionally. Easily customize your system to reflect your logo, brand colors and more importantly, our systems allow you to take advantage of a slew of security features such as activity logs to track everyone’s moves within your system, varying levels of permissions and much more.  

Learn more about our commitment to secure cloud storage today. We look forward to helping your team operate more securely and seamlessly.