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Do you know how to upload multiple files at once? Do you send an email with a list of attachments? Maybe you only send the most important files and include a summary of the rest? Or do you get frustrated with errors and setbacks and put the task off until you’re calmed down?

Sending multiple files at once can be a time-consuming and annoying task. But there’s no need to clear your schedule to get your files to their recipient. Learn how to upload multiple files at once the easy way by using a client portal.

What Is a Client Portal?

Client portals are branded, private, and protected virtual spaces companies can utilize and share with their team members, clients, or both. In a client portal, information can be shared and exchanged only between approved participants. This makes the space and its contents more secure than other sharing scenarios, such as email.

To access files and documents within a secure client portal, invited users are provided usernames and passwords. As the owner of a portal, you set permissions for who can access a portal, what documents inside the portal they can see, and what they can do with said documents. For example, you can give a new client access to their project portal and allow them to view invoices and certain file details while team members with access to the portal can see the inner workings of each task.

As a business owner, you might have a portal for every client, or have only a few portals defined by the different services you provide. You might have one for employees where digital copies of handbooks and benefit sheets are available. Or you might have one for an outsourced accountant or contractor that has sensitive information you would prefer not to email.

No matter how you choose to use a client portal, they’re a solution to secure file storage for many. And one of the best advantages is that you can upload multiple files at once to a portal, saving you time and frustration.

How to Upload Multiple Files at Once with a Client Portal

The following instructions cover the basics of uploading to a client portal like Onehub. There are other tips and tricks users will come across when learning how to upload multiple files. These can be discovered through a free demo with the service provider.

When you’re ready to upload your files, start by choosing the appropriate workspace from your dashboard. Once inside, you can add stand-alone files or create folders and subfolders as needed. When you know how you want to organize your files, you can start uploading. This can be done in two ways. You can manually choose files from your computer or upload them using the drag-and-drop feature. Once you have confirmation that the files have been loaded to the client portal, you can share them with outside parties via a link or email invitation.

Benefits & Advantages of Client Portals

Now that you know how to upload multiple files at once in a client portal, you may be interested in learning about the several other advantages this cloud-based service offers.

Improved Collaboration Efforts
Client portals make it simple to collaborate with coworkers and team members. Send messages and leave notes within the portal to assign tasks and receive progress reports. Owners of files can see who has viewed, downloaded, or printed a file so they can make sure the right information stays with the right team members.

24/7 Access
Whether you’re working with clients in different time zones or have contractors adding their contributions outside of normal office hours, documents and information within a client portal can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients appreciate the convenience factor, and everyone wins when progress isn’t limited to a single contributor’s schedule.

Saved Resources
Client portals can save businesses time and money. Sending files through email can be time-consuming for both parties as files are uploaded and downloaded. While there are other file-sending options, recipients aren’t always tech-savvy enough to understand each process, leaving the sender scrambling to find another way to send information. As an employer, client portals should provide peace of mind as they’re a fast, secure, and easily accepted method to uploading and sharing multiple files at once.

Security Features
When files are uploaded and shared through a client portal, there are several security advantages. First, all data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, minimizing the risk of a data leak or breach. With file sharing permissions, only invited parties are able to access client portals and their contents. Documents can be protected with passwords or set to expire after a set amount of time has passed. Overall, client portals minimize risk for all involved parties.

Are Client Portals for You?

When compared to other methods, client portals are an ideal way to upload multiple files at once and then share them quickly and safely with the appropriate parties. When the additional benefits client portals offer are considered, it’s easy to see why they’re such a great asset for so many companies.

To see the inner workings of a client portal for yourself and learn how to upload multiple files within one, schedule a complimentary demo with Onehub today.