Client Portal

Private client portals to securely share information, customized with your logo and brand colors to present a more polished and a professional look to your clients.

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A secure client portal with the exact features you want.

Explore a more polished, cohesive, and secure client portal solution for your business.

  • Easy Uploading

    Upload files to your client portal faster and more conveniently. Upload multiple files at once, directly into your browser, via simple drag-and-drop.

  • Advanced Activity Tracking

    Every event that happens within your client portal is tracked, including individual document sharing activity for every user. An online data storage system, free of worry.

  • High-Quality Previews

    View high-quality previews of more than 30 different file types, both directly in Onehub and via our mobile apps.

  • Familiar Organization

    Organize the content in your client portals exactly the way you want so that your clients can quickly and easily find anything.

  • Secure Sharing

    Your client portals come with bank-level encryption in transit and at rest. Only the people you invite can access your data.

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Easily add collaboration features to your client portal. Our messaging and task features makes working with clients convenient and secure.

More than 1 million people trust our client portals.

Our client portals provide a more effective way for you to collaborate with your clients.

Our Onehub portal is Turnstyle branded and having an enterprise-grade tool enables us to present ourselves to clients as the professionals we are.

Ben Graham

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